Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spoon Garden!

I love this little spoon garden from Atypical Mouth Accessories. Yep, a whole store for mouth foods and such! There are many cuties there but this was my fave one!Here's a close up of the tiny little bits. So freaking cute.
Also Worn:
Skin: Staged
Hair: Flavor! Designs
Eyes: Curio

What's In the Box? Why Peeps, Of Course!

Chicanery occasionally does a mystery box prize. oh, how I love thee mystery box prize. It's been a really long time since they did one so I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did they do a new mystery box but that it had food in it!There is a cute mouth treat and a box for your hand. Of course they are not called Peeps because that would be ya know copyright or whatever but these chicks are awesome!The mouth one is perfectly sculpted and it has a little animation you can toggle on and off that is adorable.

Go grab them at Chicanery!

Also Worn:
Dress: Ivalde
Hair: Fashionably Dead
Skin, Shape, and Eyes: Mango, Mango! (upcoming release)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hai! and Mouth Goodness

Hey Everyone,. Some of you might know me but I am Jemmie and Miss Sileny invited me to blog for the Sweet side bout 5 months ago and, i had no idea how to . But here i am :)

Wanted to share with you a mouth goody available at My Store TUFT its the Voodoo Mouth Twins and there are 6 colours yu can get for 5L each in the Gatcha Machine at the front of the store. There are 5 Gatchas there in all with lottsa Voodoo Goodness.

Taxi to TUFT

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Special SL Snax for Special SL People

The Om Nom Nom Hunt was like, made for us SL foodies. Here's a li'l sampler of the yummies that you can scoop for free.

Ommm such a lovely head burger by Sanu. My avi kept trying to nom it, totally unsucessfully.
Giant floaty body burger? Such an utterly fabby wardrobe solution. Who needs to bother with fashion choices when you've got this awes thing?Don't wear this Cutie Honey hunt gift around any boys. Might give 'em a complex. Or three.
ZOMG does everyone need to do this hunt! It's snax + funz galore.
SL treats are such a tasty way to kick off the weekend. Yummie lip-smackin' kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's always in the mood to SL snack)

Get 'em here:
Head hamburger: House of Sanu - OmNom Burger (for head) - OmNomNom Hunt #05 (no hint; it's obvious) - free
Burger floater: Endless Dreams - Burger Float and Meal Float - OmNomNom Hunt #01 - free
Ice creams: Cutie Honey - Ice cream dress set - OmNomNom Hunt #02 - free