Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love Soul

Love Soul is, I feel, a perfect place to start my series of posts about specific stores. Love Soul offers food items in so many forms. Things to carry, wear, put in your mouth, sit on, fly in...basically anything BlueStar can make can have food on it. And, of course, I love it. I wish I spoke Japanese so i could find the creator, BlueStar, and convince her to be my BFF.

I have so many food items from Love Soul, I didn't know where to even begin showing them. So, I just took the most recent things I purchased. And there is even a freebie here :D

First off Love Soul opened its own restaurant. Here you can buy fast food employee-esque attire, hair with visors that have little burgers on them, and of course food! Out front there are two random item vendors that cost I *think* 30L..though I could be way off...per try. Two of my fave items so far are the corn dog with ketchup and the squid kabob. So funny! There are lots of different goodies to be won but they are no trans and random...so don't get mad if you get doubles!

There are also foods you can buy straight up, no randomness, like this burger! It includes several sit and stand pose options for male, female, and kid avs. NOM NOM NOM.

And on the wall for only the next couple days is this tray of tea and omelet for freeeeeeeee! YAY! Come have some Love Soul Omelet! Mama Sileny is dishing it up! Oh and the dress I am wearing with the tiny little candies and donuts in the hem? Also by Love Soul! i got it a loooong time ago so not sure if it is still available but hey I can still show it off and make you jealous :P

And at the regular Love Soul store there are so many other items with food goodness. Hair, clothes, nails, and these shoes! Aren't they so pretty?? They were I *think* 200L...maybe less, not sure. Again, I suck at recording prices :P But they quality and detail is phenomenal. There are tiny lady bugs on the backs that make me go AWWWW every time.

OK, well, that's enough for one post. I am sure you will be seeing crap tons more from me and Love Soul soon!!

Love Soul Restaurant is HERE
Love Soul Main Store is HERE

Sunday, April 26, 2009


SO, if I post something over at Free Style that has food items, I am not going to do an entire re-posting here. That is just too much time I do not have :P But I will still show you the picks and link you to the FS post! Like I will do right now :D

Cutie Honey item camp prizes!

Cutie Honey freebie.

More info HERE

Yeah, I Know...

...I said I wasn't going to be blogging all free stuff, as I already blog freebies HERE. But I found a few things while organizing my inventory that are free and I figured I would put them here just for kicks. The things in my mouth are not free, but are awesome and cheap!Free:
Orange Dress: Tesoromio
Denim Dress: McSkin
Hair: Mikan lucky board (slurl takes you to outlet, but there is an LM giver for main store there)
Skin: Dutch Touch skin hunt!!

Not Free:
Mouth Pastry: Pink Fuel (is texture change!)
Mouth Toast w/Egg: Hanauta (from the random mouth bread machine!)
Hair and Skin: same as above
Green Dress: Likka House new 20 minute item camp prize
Pink Dress: Mayuki Nozaki lucky board

Not Free:
Chocolate Mouth Pastry: Pink Fuel
Mouth Toast w/jelly: Lurvebite
Poses: Striking Poses

Pink Fuel, Lurvebite, and Hanauta are three of my fave SL sweet stores, so you shall be seeing more of them from me!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Yum Yums!

I was informed by the ever awesome Helena Stringer of a newish 60 minute item camp item at A.Y.Y....and it's a mouth yum!!! YAY! This little guy is sour apple and I love him so. His little face is just nom-tastic. While I will not always be posting free items on this blog, I am always happy to do so when I find them!

And speaking of free, the hair I am wearing is free from Mikan. Weeeee! Isn't it so cute? Like a sexy Minnie Mouse! The pretty hoop earrings? Free from Caroline's Jewlery. And the outfit...I love the outfit...is a gift from Kyla Radikal to the Lucky Chair Stalkers group. She doesn't currently have a shop, or else I would totally link you :P When she does get a shop, I will make sure to inform you!!!!!! OH! And the skin I'm wearing? Super cute right? Well, it is a lucky dance pad prize from My Ugly Dorothy. MUD has fast become one of my fave stores and I will never leave the update group ever and you can't make me X-O

Monday, April 6, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I feel very sad today. This is how I feel, but with more stitches and less pretty:At least I had fun making pretty pictures :P