Monday, July 27, 2009


I can give you what you want
I can make your heart beat, short
I can make you ice cream
we could be a sweet team
melting in your vice dreams, sport

I can be the source you crave
I can spell what you can't say
chocolate-flavored love theme
treat that treats you so mean

covering your nights and days
-Ice Cream, New Young Pony Club

I gobbled my Aoharu icecreams at the Drowsy Summer Horror Festival!

No, the aoharu icecreams weren't on sale anyway :(

I spent 400L on the aoharu icecream random vendor :( and I still didn't manage to get the icecream with the 5 scoops! I'm not rich, just unable to resist the attraction of random vendors AND ice cream :( <3

The ice creams are 10L each, super amazingly detailed, just like aoharu shoes, and I got many of the plain-one-scoop ones, without even whipped cream on top.
If you're lucky, you'll get extra-pretty icecreams like the soft-ice-cream-mix-with cherry, or the icecandy!

R-L: Triple-scoop ice cream, Green tea mix soft ice cream with cherry, mango sorbet with cherry and whipped cream, icecandy in pink/blue, Strawberry-cherry soft ice cream mix with cherry, icecandy in red/pink. 10L each, random vendor
Underneath: Scary icecreams from Drowsy Summer Horror Festival, 1L each

For 10L, you get a gorgeous ice cream with licking animation! Everyone I gave the icecreams to loved them :) They are transferable (that's how I comforted myself after the 400L went zzzilch ching).

If you're afraid you'll become poor after going near the Aoharu icecream random vendor, you can get these free scary ice-creams from Drowsy! They are toooooo cute. They have mushrooms and eyes growing out of them, and tongues!

Drowsy summer horror festival: http:/ /
Aoharu ice cream cart: (Follow the pathway, the cart is located just behind the Aoharu hair building!)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Very Quick

So quick not even any pictures!! Just wanted to let you all know that the Love Soul random food item vendor is 50% off for a limited time, so go get those yummy nahms!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Salsa Nahms

I was recently pointed in the direction of an Xstreet link to some food stuffs from Salsa. I was giggling reading the descriptions and giggling even harder when I saw the silly anims the foods gave you.

Basically they are meant to make you look like the food you ate was quite rotten or soiled and that you have to take a massive...bathroom break.

There are more foods from Salsa HERE!


Becca informed me of a great store the other day that has some really cool food related goodies!! The store is called Cloe and they have great items as well as a lucky board and freebs! I am going to be posting the free and cheap items on Free Style any minute now, but I thought I would share some of the regular priced foodie items right now!The doughnut prim nails above drive me happy with nahm joy. I got the pink color but they come in a variety of There is also a chocolate and fruit set that you can buy for 150L or win from the lucky board.The top above was I think either 65L or 90L, not sure. BUT it's super cute and green is my fave color. There is also a cherry version and an apple version, but the "limon" caught my eye :D The skirt if from Avantmelon, another great foodie store.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Going Batty Over Ice Cream


Something quick and sweet for you. The incredible designer from Pink Fuel has taken part in the "Slice of Summer" hunt. Yay! The prize is this amazing lil shoulder pet!

This baby bat sits ever so sweetly on your shoulder, and happily munches away at a slice of juicy watermelon. The animation is amazing, it's so cute cuz this lil guy is a messy one, drips of watermelon juice fall while he's munching. I have no idea why I'm wearing white clothes, thank the fruit gods that watermelon doesn't stain. And ya, some of my mouth is missing, so instead of blaming the graphics program I use, I'm going to insist that I'm just as messy as the bat and that I just finished eating a yummy yummy vanilla ice cream cone. Get your minds outta the gutter folks! >;-p

Next we have this fantastic ice cream dress from the Harajuku section at Aoharu. There's a 50% off sale going on until tomorrow, so ya...get your heini's there fast if you like what you see. I love the melting trim on the top.The dress costs 150L which is a steal at 50 off, unfortunately I'm a bit over budget and can't get it while the sale is on. *sobs* Direct link to the dresses here.

Here's the ice cream hood, it's so tasty looking and costs 100L at 50 off. Run RUN! Direct link to the hoods here.

Ok all done, have a good one!
Luff n Sticky Stuff,

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Volt has a pack of candy on clearance!

Yay for Cadbury's and Hershey's! And while you are there hit the MM board and stalk the lucky chair and buy some stuff because that place rocks.

And if you need a shirt, go to Figure 8 and grab this Custard Filled Nahm delight.

Annnd if you just can't handle the sugar and need something more refreshing hanging from your mouth, go to Famish and either stalk the lucky board or join the subscribo to grab this lime! The blue hair is only 1L at SMOTD too, btw!

Sorry for the short post...I had a big long one written up but it got deleted -.-

HOC Does Earrings

NOT the same sort of thing as Debbie Does Dallas. Ahem.

House of Curios has released a set of fabulous food inspired earrings. YAY!!! HOC is generally known for their high quality and inexpensive shoes for men and women, as well as their pickle love, but now some earrings have arrived!

The whole set of earrings is only 50L. Yay for great prices!!

There are a whole bunch of different foods and I have not shown them all here. So I guess you'll just have to go grab them and find out :D
Earrings: HOC, 50L for a fat pack
Glasses: HOC, 50L and color change!!
Skin: PixelDolls, 10L
Hair: Schadenfreude, past hunt gift but other colors available!
Sucker: Love Soul, group gift

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The I Forgot to Put a Title..Title *Slaps Forhead*

Greetings beloved nohmers!

First...I'd like to welcome Silver to The Sweet Side, I loved your first post and I'm looking forward to more great food finds. I tried leaving umpteen comments on your post and on several of Sileny's but blogger keeps eating them D: I made a comment about that most amazing humpable gummibear that I think everyone should have. *Pats Sileny on the back for that one* And let me say girl works that bear like a pro, Sileny you may have to think about getting a second and very lucrative career. *winks*

On to the yums....

I'm pretty sure I've seen it around on some of the blogs, but I thought I'd put it here anyway since it's food related.MMmmm yummy yummy blocky burgey. I scored this from the lucky chair at Intrigue Co. I think it's still there, if not you can buy it for around 50l or so..forgive my inaccuracy today, got a bit of a cold and feelin slightly Now all I need are some square fries, a rectangle soda, and some more Nyquil and I'm good to go.

Tatty's Garden Delights has an adorable cupcake house for FREE! It's cute as sin and comes with a scripted door, cherry shaped lights and a cupcake fireplace.

So cute so darn cute.

*The Gift Horse* has some pretty cool and funny items for tinies, and also a lucky chair. I managed to catch a wild card and won this oh so cute can of Reddi Wip for tinies. It comes with an animation and a sound. I tried it with my Pink Fuel Panda tiny, sadly it didn't work for me, but maybe it'll work for you.


Here she is in all her chemically goodness..YUM!

About a week or two ago my greedy pixel bum bequeathed this gorgeous candy tattoo from the lucky chair at .::Bad::. Body Art By Dulce. Unfortunately it's not in the chair anymore, but you can buy it for 375L or they have a profile picks reward that may have this tattoo come up at some point.

Makes me wanna lick myself. :-O *kiddin..or am I*?

And finally something healthy! Everyone's heard that one of the best ways to naturally reduce eye puffiness is to slap a couple of fresh cucumber slices on them and relax. I used to work in skincare and I can tell you that it's true. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties in them. I'm more of a dark circle kinda gal and haven't had to deal with too much puffiness..yet, so I never did the cucumber thing, but I know people that swear by it. Finishing this tangent I bring you SL cucumber slices for your eyes, along with kiwi slices and tomatoes! With all these hunts going on, why not take a break and don these for a while? If they don't help with the puffiness, you'll at least get a laugh out of them cuz they're cute n funny.

You can get these from Ziki for 30L.

That's it!

Luff n Sticky Stuff


Monday, July 13, 2009

cupcakes and candy <3

I loved food before I found Sileny's food blog, and her posts on F*S and Sileny and Tazzy's posts on BACONPIZZA are always so adorable and lead me to great great treasures :) THANKS sileny for all your posts, and inviting me to post :DD

*mocorin* packet juice, 10L from vending machine, (SURL)
*mocorin* ROBOKUN mouth chewing gum (SURL)
CHABINNS mouth strawberry with whipped cream (SURL)
*mocorin* packet water, free from the Bill sim's free gfts bridge (exact SRL to the water)

lollipop earrings, cupcake ring, lollipop bracelet and necklace, Violet Voltaire
glove nails with cherry, Candy Nail, 30L

*mocorin* toys, 10L each from vending machine (SURL)

Leg-pokky from Naeko, free
*mocorin* robokun bracelet and ring, group gift

NYA's strawberry seat! animated pose, perfect seat :)
Summer tote bag with champagne in it, from the Ear Candy pink beach ball in the Summer Lovin' hunt, direct surl here (the beach ball contains necklaces and earrings and the tote bag is the last item in the beach ball, buy it for 1L)
MOUTH STRAWBERRY!!! OMG I love this. I was wearing it all day. Hasi pink beach ball, also in Summer Lovin' hunt (direct surl to ball) 1L

On head and in mouth, Doux Petit Dahl's cupcake prizes from the lucky cupcake! Go yummy the cupcake and you will definitely get either one of these :) you can also IM me inworld if you want them, I have some extras! I'll also give you all the free food I have, some cupcakes and talkative chocolate haha
Mouth pokky, green, free from Naeko!

Flower hairpiece, group gift from *mocorin*, duck-beak chips from Chabinns, chip packets in arm from Chabinns (SURL)
HUGE lollipop from Koreshan bake sale

There's an adorable AND affordable shop called *mocorin* that I discovered while on the cicolatta hunt, they had VENDING MACHINES and of course I couldn't resist. I wish all vending machine items were transfer. grrr.

I was pretty lucky with this particular machine, and I got the two toys on my head and the juice packet :) I also got some cushions with 8 poses in them! 10L per play!

*mocorin* has amazing group gifts, the robokun chewing gum (first picture, 2nd head) was a group gift! So is the robokun bracelet, ring and the flower ornament in my hair (it's called candy!)

Next, my jewellery from Violet Voltaire and Shade Throne. The jewellery from Violet Voltaire is very not free, but LOOK AT THE AMAZING CUPCAKES. Are these not the most amazing cupcakes/pretty food jewellery you have ever seen in SL?!?! LOOK AT THAT CUPCAKE RING!!!!!

I gifted the cupcake set to Sileny(I didn't know her at that time, but I loved her blog and it was blogger's appreciation week lol), and I was soooo not gonna get it for myself, but I kept thinking about it for 2 days. so I had to have it, and it's seriously incredible. The set I'm wearing is the lollipop set, and the cupcake ring is from the cupcake set. Bracelets are in the same sets.

My nails are gorgeous "Snow White" glove nails from Candy Nail and there is a cherry on the middle finger. 30L! shamelessly copied from Abra of Better Imagined!

From Chabinns come the duck-beak-chips haha and the mouth strawberry :D and the armful of potato chips!!! adorable!

Nya just made a whipped cream sitting-pose set, including the strawberry seat (FAVORITE SEAT in my garden) for 150L, worth checking out and seeing her awesome jewellery!

Mouth pokky and leg pokky are freebies from Naeko :)

Doux Petit Dahl was the first place I ever found food, and I LOVED the cupcake prizes that Dahliajames Gossipgirl put in her lucky cupcake. It's really worthwhile to have her mainstore in your picks, because she has an MM board, a picks prize(outfit), lucky board, and nomming the cupcake daily and persistently will give you a good chance at winning the prize and MORE cupcakes :D She also has a toast necklace!

The huge lollipop with licking animation was from the Koreshan bake sale, idk if it's still available but I know the sale is over!

have a very strawberry week :D

love, silver

Saturday, July 11, 2009

You Reek A

So, I found some pictures I took ages ago in my "to be blogged" folder. You all probably have seen this awesome ninja turtle ice cream from Reek that can be worn in your mouth:

Or you hand:

But there is now a Spider Man one too! YAY for gum ball eyes! Now...if only the ice cream man would drive down my street :(

P.S.- Only 25L each too!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Quick and Creamy

Just a quickie for you since this is time sensitive! Razzberry Inc. has this freaking cute ice cream backpack in their MM board! I love the colors so much! And they have a matching snow cone backpack in the lucky cupcake.

What makes this time sensitive though is that for today, all backpacks are 50% off! There are some fun things there, so go check it out :D

Note: the pilots outfit is from Reasonable Desires and it rocks SO MUCH and is under 200L.

Unwanted Mall Hunt!

The Unwanted mall is having a hunt! Cool! And a huge chunk of the items are food related! Cooler! Heehee. There are some stores you may know on the sim, like Tuft or Dreams, and some you may not. But hunts are really about the exploring and fun. In this one you are searching for gummi bears which will give you a prize when clicked. I am having computer issues so wasn't able to get all the prizes photographed, but I did get some!Tube Top, Lollipop, and Soda Pop Choker: Dreams, free in the gummi hunt
Pants: Tuft, 10L

And Tuft is also having a sale BTW, or at least they were when I was there, and all the items at the Unwanted mall location are priced at 5L-10L. YAY!Candy Tank: Tuft, free in the gummi hunt
Shorts: Tuft, 5L

The hunt has some pretty fun non-wearables too, like this humpable gummi bear. See me humping it!!!!!??!?!? WEEEEEEEEE! Come, get your own humping bear.
Humpable Gummi: Tuft, free in the gummi hunt

Unwanted Mall is HERE.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Here's a lil itsy bitsy quickie fer ya. Cute free Loli from CORE


Luff n Sticky Stuff


Friday, July 3, 2009

I Got Some Stuff For You.

OK. I am having major issues with SL right now. All my pictures are crap. And it's SO SLOW. And I want to blog. And it's the suck. But here are some pics anyway.

Shoes!Shoes: 50 Flats, 35L random item vendor

More Shoes!Shoes: Kue, 100L

And a Hat! With a color change bow :DCinnamon Roll Hat: Kue, 100L I think

And a Parfait!Parfait: Kue, daily random freebie (yes, a free gift everyday! Just for clicking!)

And a Cracker!Razzberry Inc.: 10L

And a Bomb-Pop!Bomb-Pop and Head DooDad Thingers: RazzBerry Inc., free

And an MJ CD For Good Measure!
MJ CD For Mouth: Razzberry Inc., free (also a "Bad: album available)

Hair is a limited time freebie from Calico Ingman.
Skin is from Exodi.