Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Item At Famish

Famish has several new items out, including pancakes, BLTs, and this mouth waffle:Waffle: Famish, 50L or lucky board
Skin: Exodi, 400L
Hair: Waffles @ Bill opening, free fatpack!

You can grab this waffle for 50L or wait around and win it from the lucky board. Yay! The hair is a freebie from the stare called Waffles (yay!) and is available on the bridge at the new Starlust sim.

Friday, June 26, 2009

More at Love Soul!

After I posted the goodies at Love Soul even more watermelon goodness was released. I would have had at least one of them if it weren't for a total anus that stole the chair from me ON PURPOSE. Yes, some people are that petty. So, I am just going to show you a screen shot. Yes, I know it is low class, but frankly I am in a pretty craptacular mood and don't care.

Go get! Or else you can buy all the watermelon parts, sans special nails, for 250L.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Love

Love Soul never disappoints me when it comes to the foodie goodness. This month they have lots of things in a watermelon theme! The group gift this month is cute tray of watermelon with a hold pose. The group is normally 200L join fee, but I saw some signs that make me think it just might be free to enroll for now!

They also released some adorable watermelon theme prim nails. I bought the pink set with the watermelon ring. It costs 150L and is totally worth it.

If you can't afford 150L you can try your luck at the chair! New prizes have been added, one of them being this yellow watermelon set. Look at the cute little slices!

I took a close-up picture of the chair prize sign since I stood there for hours and couldn't win the other gifts :( But you can see there is an orange Lollipop, a pair of milk cow shoes, a pair of strawberry leggings, a fat pack of shoes (I WANT), and some random secret prizes.

Speaking of secret prizes, I took off my hair and wore the one I won...creeped my friend Teena out so bad I had to take a picture!! ROFL.

And finally, don't forget the random food vendor down the street at the Love Soul restaurant, which I have previously blogged. I got the chicken kabob earrings this time and I was really excited :D

You can find Love Soul HERE for now, though they are changing sims very soon.

Sunday, June 21, 2009



Tazzy's got a pleasantly plump post for you today \o/

So I'm going to start with my fave, which is the stuff I snagged at the annual Koreshan bake sale. Lot's of fantastic designers there offering amazing products exclusive to this event! Which brings us to the goodies there from Lazy Places, one of the best nohm providers on the grid. The stuff I'm posting is 2 of 3 things that are for sale and are going to be available for THIS WEEKEND ONLY :O !
I was smitten when I saw both the demonic head cuppy and the dead toast. As I've mentioned before, I love sickengly cute but I have a darkside too. So..when the two are combined bliss is I.

Now would ya look at that? How yummy are these? Both are interactive with fun text. The demonic cuppy kills me with it's beady little red glowing eyes, cute fangs and a drop of blood coming from it's mouth. And the dead toast...words cannot describe how I feel about this tiny joy of joys...LOL You can can get both of these for 25L per, if you want a demonic cuppy without the blood drop sprinkles you can grab that instead.

Here be the dollarbies that you can grab while at the bakesale.

The one on the upper left corner is from DK and the roller cans are from Tiny Bird! I love this hair!

Grab these and more here.

This purdy lolita dress is from PicoPure and is freeeeeeeee! It's got strawberries on it and looks so innocently yummy!

There's a sale going on at Liquid Candy, my brother Griffy told me about it! He was like "hey, guess what I got for 5L" and I was like "yo! tp mah"! This boy never fails me...look what I got!

Why it's a mouth rocket and a grenade! So violent, so smexy, and a steal for 5L each >:P

You can pick these up at the Liquid Candy million island location.

And finally to wash all these yums down you can get yourself a refreshing bottle of water from Ushu for 1L.

Ok das is it...and thank the powers that be cuz blogger is totally being mean to me today. Enjoy!

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Not About Hair Fair!

HAHA! Thought you might want a blog post that has absolutely nothing to do with hair fair. Maybe you are tired and stressed and you just want to relax. Well, good thing Edelweiss is there! Edelweiss Cafe, that is!

Those who bring you adorable clothes are now bringing you a very realistic and relaxing cafe. The place is staffed by an actual employee who takes your order and serves you. And, of course, you should always tip :D And like real food, once time has passed it is gone. It's a really lovely place and I highly recommend it for a date or for hanging out.

Edelweiss Cafe is HERE.
Info. on the clothes and such can be found HERE.

Friday, June 19, 2009

More Fruit For Your Head!

So Vanity Hair apparently has some fruit for your head too!!! Look! it's so kitschy and chic and just fun! Pineapple Hair: Vanity Hair
Skin: Mix and Match (group gift!)
Earrings: DM Designs @ Reasonable Desires (only 20L in the red gem hunt!)

Lots of their other hairs are fun too. I really recommend checking out the store.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Famished!

So I hadn't talked to Whisper Despres, owner of Famish, for a while until we were stalking some chairs together the other night. Then she mentioned that she had a store. And then she mentioned the store was entirely foods. I'm like WTF dude you need to tell me these things! LOL! So, of course, I went there and when I saw the great quality and wide variety I ended up spending a good chunk of my hair fair savings, haha. Don't forget to click the following pics for a bigger size...the detail on these foods is great!Pizza, PopTart, and Pear: Famish, 50L each (the pizza is even flexi, haha!)

OH! And you can get this donut for free on the lucky board or in the group notices :DDonut: Famish, free on group notices or lucky board

There are also some unusual foods...and they make you have a really funny face too! I get the giggles everytime I see the meat face.Pickle and Raw Steak: Famish, 50L each to find a way to earn some L's so I can go buy the other ton of foods at Famish! And there are things other than mouth foods too. You can buy fun themed backpacks and accessories as well! Go forth and nom!


One of the hunt prizes at Nushru (there are like a bajillion of them) is a really, really, REALLY awesome fruit hat. This isn't just your regular fruit hat's a game too!

Basically, you can interact with other fruit hat wearers. You can toss them on top of each, you can climb onto's really, really fun! I was feeling pretty crappy but after having some fun with my pals and their fruit hats I was feeling much better.

Go get you own! Make a pile! Share photos with me! LOL!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kiddos don't forget your three C's

Now just what ARE the three C's you ask? Why it's Cakes, Cream and Cones of course! And youz lucky ducky youz, get to has all three in this post! :O
First up we have an ice cream cone from the AOHARU random ice cream vendor at the Creators Pavillion. There are TONS n TONS of different flavors to be had and each one will cost you a whopping 10L.
Here's your smorgasbord!

The cone I got on the first try :D

They're trans too so if you get some doubles they're really cute gifts, or get a mob down there and start trading up! P.S. If anyone gets an ice candy in any flavor let me know, that's the one I really want, I'm sure we can work something out. LOL

Next up is this adorable Lolita cake dress from Scruffy Gora. Yes...that's right I said cake, NOT cupcake! This is the real deal folks, the bottom of the skirt has pictures of the whole thing and the upper half is covered in little cake slices. *Drools a little* You can get yourself this tasty little number for 60L which is an absolute steal in my humblest of humble opinions.

I just love the collar, it kinda has this Snow White feel to it..too cute.

And finally, last but certainly not least are these adorable Strawberries n Cream Yums sneakers from A.Y.Y. ~Extra Bonus Alert~ Because their main colors are pink and white these babies are only 10L as part of the A.Y.Y. special sale that is running until the end of June.

Das is it folks, enjoy!
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some Random Goodies

Three totally unrelated goodies.

First, this months group gift is a silly licorice smile from Prettiful. Activate tag and click in store to recieve!Licorice: Prettiful group gift
Hair: 1L at TekuTeku
Skin: Skywalker, no longer available

Second, Street Dermatology has a group gift ganguro skin that is made to look like you are wearing a chocolate drizzled bikini. YUM!Skin: Street Dermatology group gift
Hair: Street Dermatology (hunt gift or group gift, I can't recall)
Pants: .:*Wave.:* group gift

And third, ...Spoonful of Sugar sent out this adorable cupcake ring to the group. My SLurl is no longer good since Polly Jean is closing, but I am sure if you search Juls Rosca's profile you will be able to see the group or find the new location in her picks.
Ring: ...Spoonful of Sugar group gift

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cupcake Shirt and Smore Face

Concrete Flowers has this fun cupcake shirt as one of this weeks dollarbies. Yay! Grab it now because after this week it will be full price. The mushroom necklace is a freebie from SwanSong at I love 13. And the s'more was a freebie from Razzleberry. And d'oh I forgot the slurl to Razzleberry but I'll fix it in a bit here :DOTHER STUFF:
Skin: UglyDorothy group gift
Pants: Part of a freebie package from V9
Hair on Left: Freebie from Mui
Hair on Right: Stringer Shrine, not free


Sharodie's Tails has some fun food related tails. This cupcake tail is a freebie in store now!

This pop can tail was sent out in the group as well as the subscriber. Check to see if it is still available because it is pretty fun ^.^

And not food related, but fun nonetheless, I got this hippie neko tail from the lucky cupcake as a boobie prize xD YAY for boobies!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


As promised, if I find some foodbies (my new word for food items a la dollarbie and freebie lmao) and post them on the Free Style blog, I will still post them here with a link to FS so you can still see them! Don't want to leave my Sweet Siders in the dark!!Please go HERE for more info on these fab items. Sorry if you read both blogs and see this double!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

La Patisserie Bakery

OMG! Tis not a cupcake post from Tazzy, can you believe that? This tasty slice of Lemon Meringue pie is a prize from the SLD hunt. It looks almost good enough to eat in RL in my opinion. The store is called Merrikat Designs but they have a little bakery within it called La Patisserie. There are cakes, pies and other various pastries there for sale, and let me tell you..ALL of them look so edible! Yum! The textures and sculpting are fab and everything there is so pretty.

The animations are quite nice and I believe they're top priority which make sense since that's what eating should be. LOL. Anyhoo go check it out tis totally worth your time if you're into gorgeous SL nohms.

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Monday, June 1, 2009


I really don't know why there's such a cupcake fetish in SL. I apologize for posting mostly stuff that has to do with cupcakes, lol. When I'm roaming and such , it just seems that they're in abundance and I'm a sucker for grotesquely cute stuff, so they attract me like a moth to flame. I DO however try my best to keep my eyes open for other nohms, I would love my posts to be a little more eclectic..*sigh*...stay tuned I promise I'll find something different and good!
Magika is having a sale right now on a few of their older styles. Each color pack is only 2oL, yay! I went to check it out and found this! It's so awesome because now I can don a cupcake on my head with no extra attachment! I really love how she made a swirly bun thing around the cupcake so it can sit all nice n snugly on my head. I think the sale is only going on until June 4, so hurry up and catch it because after that these styles will be no more. D:

Grab this cute pony and other retiring styles at Magika here.

That's it!

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