Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ooh! 101st Post!

Yay! We made it over the 100 posts hill. Love it! To celebrate I am going to show you some random goodies I have and am not going to post the slurls because I am lazy and I can do what I want :P It's called search. All of these are easily found in it. Oooh aren't I the naughty birthday girl? :D (Well...if 100 posts is considered a birthday, rofl! Though my RL birthday is coming later this week, woot!)Color-Change Grocery Bag: Lazy Places (picks rewards!!)
Color-Change Bag For Your Mouth Since Your Hands Are Clearly Full: Lazy Places
Shirt and Pants: MichaMi
Hair and Skin: Hair [OH]Cookie and Cuppy: Lazy Places, Halloween random item wheel/vendor/thingy. Lots more cuties too!
Polaroid Necklace: Urbanity @ The Deck
Halloween Cookie of Incredible Cuteness: Hanauta (group gift!!)Bitten Lollipop: *Mimic*

Note: Since you probably are sad because you can't see what I put in my tiny Polaroid necklace photo space, I will tell you: it is a picture of a goat standing on top of a horse that I accidently uploaded to SL. :D

Friday, October 23, 2009

You Want Dark? I'll Show You Dark >:D

It's been a while :)

This post is a response to something Sileny mentioned a few posts back. She said that this blog mostly covered the sugar coated and frufru aspects of SL nohms. Which is totally understandable. I'm a huge fan of sugar coated. There's an umpteen amount of cavities, and a very rich and happy dentist to vouch for me! I loooove me some Sanrio >(O.o)< I'm also a huge fan of "dark", you'll see some examples of that in a sec. I was debating for a while on doing this post because I was hesitant to "shamelessly self plug"...sort of lol. But after talking to the boss lady, she gave the go ahead so here it is.

May I present you the nohms from my shop TazzMania. These and a few others are free for the month of October, then they'll go back to their regular price of 2-15L O.O

Sugar and Slice Cookie Set, you get two cookies, a sugary one and a slicey one.

Mmmmm you know you wanna lick this skull. There are two in this set one with blood stains and one without.
Hurray for lollipops with razors in them! Five flavors in this set, aaaand there's an optional blood drip animation.

Pic is small, sowwy. These are the "Ouchie Gummies". A bloody, dirty safety pin, with a gummy bear impaled on it. Poor lil buggers. Five flavors in this set too.
There's quite a few food themed garments in my shop as well.
Now go and reap the limited time freebies! Tis the season! Eco friendly hearse is here.
Luff n Sticky Stuff,


It's been so, so long! School's started and I semi-left SL, but I missed Sweet Side very much. I'm thankful for Sileny not once pestering or mentioning to me that I did not post, and I welcome all the wonderful new bloggers of Sweet Side! Ahh sorry if I miss anyone out, but WHOOO for Griffin and Persey and Cyclic and HI to Holli(Cos I haven't been introduced to her but I know the others!!) Yay for Tazzy and Sileny of course <3

I took half of these awhile back, but didn't have time to photoshop them. Sileny already made a post about the Cotton Candy and Mouth Lollies at With Sugar On Top, so I'm just.. refreshing your tastebuds! The gorgeous Gacha Gacha cake hats with cherries and whipped cream that everyone has, too.

Something new and so beautiful - Modd.G's Geeky mouth Nahms, available in a vending machine for 20L per try. I spent like 200L to get all of these. My favorite is the mixtape... no wait, I can't choose a favorite! Uhm, they're supposed to be edible (They're called NAHMS!) So I hope they qualify for Sweet Side!

Next, OMG do you know that these are the DP YumYum HAIR DEMOS?!?!!! Aren't they adorable? I feel bad for taking photos of demos, but I am going to buy at least one of the hairs. But I like wearing the demos a lot more! I love that paintbrush sticking out of my nose and the pencils sticking out of my head/ears.

The background is the Itutu garden store, lots of beautiful grass, the clothes line with real bubbles and a wash-tub for 100L.

I er, ran out of money, so the last is a lonely picture of some fruit yums and fruit bracelet that you can get at the Ay Line vending machine for 20L! It's actually a hair store, a fatpack of free hair(Beanie Canning posted about it!) there, too.

DO NOT EAT even if they look like candy:
NUUNA'S skins, store located at Vanity Hair. I bought a few packs of her skins. I think all the ones in the photo are not free except for the feather one (Pack of free skins!)
First two hairs are Vanity Hair dollarbies.
Others are DP YumYum demos. Amazing. I love the hairs!
I am wearing a toast necklace from Doux Petit Dahl in one of the photos. Picks prize!
Lollipop guild necklace by Violet Voltaire

byebye! I love you BaconPizza!

love, silver

Monday, October 19, 2009


I have had this post about Malizz Yiyuan in the works for a while now but could not for the life of me get the MM board locked for the Halloween candy dress. Well folks, I finally got it! VICTORY!!

The dress is really cute, with a sculpted hood and skirt and options to have pockets filled with candy or no candy. I, of course, am wearing the candy option. YAY! Thanks to all my friends and group members who got sick enough of my whining to come help me lock it, hehe.

If you don't have the patience to try and lock an MM board for four days in a row *groans* how about waiting for 50 minutes for some cute outfits? There are three item camps, two of which have foodie outfits. The "Breakfast" outfit is just super silly and fun.

It comes with this yummy mouth breakfast too, so don't worry about starving if looking at the shirt makes you hungry. :D
The second item camp outfit is the "Yum" set. Cupcakes, candy, can't go wrong.
I really like the melty ice cream on the mouth spoon with the Yum set and the face it makes you do. Heehee! If you have absolutely no patience and want some goodies RIGHT NOW and can't wait 50 minutes there are sooo many fun things to buy in the store with food themes. You can also get some group gifts in store as well, like this treat basket for your mouth filled with Halloween goodies galore. It also plays some super spooky music that can be turned on and off by touch.
Not Edible:
Skin: My UglyDorothy
Hair: Vanity Hair
(In MM board picture outfit is by Cupcakes and hair is by Lamb...both edible sounding but not)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lurvebite and BP

Lurvebite has a whole store dedicated to fashionable food couture. My kind of store, right?! I own a few of the fabulous gowns and lots of the other treats which hopefully I can show you at a later time. For now's lucky chair time! Yes, you heard right, lucky chair. The regular cotton candy dress has been replaced for a while with this pumpkin flavored cotton candy dress. YAY! So floofy!!

I paired the dress with this cute pumpkin mouth treat which is a gift from BP in the group notices. Everything BP makes is high quality and adorable. Love, love, love.
Dress: Lurvebite, lucky chair prize
Mouth Pumpkin: BP, group gift (forget the slurl but search the prifle of BettiePage Voyageur)
Skin: Atomic, past chair prize (no longer available to my knowledge)
Hair: Diversity


We have said a lot about Sanu here due to their extreme amount of food awesome. Recently they added some fun foodie goods in a hunt!
In the hunt you look for little pieces of candy. There are 30 pieces and 18 of them are "tricks" and 12 are "treats." Each treat is 1L and most of them appear to be food goods. I only found a few before I had to go but I think you should be able to tell how awesome the prizes are from the ones shown here.
While you are there remember to equip your 7Seas fishing rod to catch food goods, put the store in your pics to get random gifts, join the group for foodie presents, and dip into the lucky cupcake! One of the many things you can get from the cupcake is this pair of cute black cupcake flats! The cupcake detail is really subtle, just monotone and adorable right in the middle of the bow!Worn:
Wings and Candy Corn in Mouth: Sanu, hunt prize 1L each
Candy Corn Hair Bow: Sanu, group gift
Shoes: Sanu, lucky cupcake prize
Witch Cuddle Bunny: Sanu, lucky chair prize
Hair: Diversity hair
Skin: MJ+Dada, hunt prize three for Halloween
Shirt: Sweeter Than Candy, past gift (no longer available to my knowledge)
Skirt: Vitamin Girl, lucky board prize

Thursday, October 8, 2009

To Boof Or Not To Boof?

To Boof, of course! You can find many mouth goodies and whatnot at Boof that will have you giggling all over the place. While not exactly food, this paint can (which comes in several colors) is just too scrumptious not to mention. And hey, that could be a can of food coloring, who knows? You can buy it real cheap or win it on the MM board.

While at Boof make sure to grab your free pumpkin thrower! It puts you into mouselook and lets you shoot your unsuspecting and totally innocent friends with the big, round, orange thingies. Your friends will really like it when they are trying to get you to tell them if their outfit looks cute or not and you keep shooting them with pumpkins and giggling. Yep. Love it.

I was also blessed with the most adorable kawaii face candy bucket from the fabulous Boof mastermind. These are an exceptional deal. They are only 50L each and when clicked they give out a large variety of animated candy pieces. TOTALLY worth every last Linden penny. GO NOW.

Here are the other personalities available on the pumpkins (the puking one makes me lawl):
Boof is HERE!

OK, go, have fun, do good, eat some stuff, then have some more fun, take a shower, brush your teeth, do it with the spouse, read a book, then go to sleep, wake up, and come back for more fun!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cookie or Soup for Halloween?...

So while trying to get all the cute decor at the halloween gatcha, I picked up these free food items! This soup makes me want some potato soup (Yum!). Don't forget your sweet tooth and snag this oreo like cookie for your lips to soak up! This cami top was too cute, candy corns make me get excited for Halloween eve.

  1. Top~Del-iciously Ki-nked Designz~1L special at the malls TP
  2. Jeans~Holli Pocket~*HP*Marble Mixy Jeans-Onyx
  3. Hair~ETD~Felicity (Naturals 2 Pack)
  4. Skybox and all accessories/foods~Halloween Gatcha

Peace out!
Holli Thespian-The Barbie

Saturday, October 3, 2009

With Donuts on Top of Apples and Cherries

Got some goods for you today! I am really sleepy and disorganized so this will have few words. Forgive me, I have a toddler and it was my mom's birthday today, haha.

Sooooo good!I will never, ever, ever write a song about sib...sileny.
The system is down!
They call him the Sneak! Burninating the peasants!Credits:
Apple Skin: Mother Goose
Hair: Lamb
Kitty Donut: Twilight Paw
Suckers, Cotton Candy, Pink Bracelet, and Cherry Tank Top: With Sugar on Top
Jeans: Girl's Style
Eyes: Curio
Shoes: Deviance

P.S.- In case you were wondering about the odd quotes, it would be my having a flashback of Homestar Runner. :P

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Give me something good to eat!..

Hello everybody^^ I just recently got into the blogging craze and the lovely Sileny invited me to post my yummy treats I find along the way :) Enjoy!

  1. [JT]- Candyset,rings,mouth necklace,& more..Luckyboard
  2. [soap] -Hard Candy Belt
  3. Sweets Party-Strawberry Cushion
  4. Pink Fuel-Skin,Diamond hunt
  5. Pr!tty-Hair,runway model Barracuda-Bangle/nails (not sure if still open?)
  6. Kim-Pink Mini-Mixed and Mingle Gift

Candy hearts & junk food..what more can you ask for,in a box? ^^
  1. Wisent Animations- junk food pose box,Dark Katz gift
  2. Paper.doll/STUFF-Candyhearts undie set

I should have more goodies come closer to Halloween :)

Holli Thespian-The Barbie