Thursday, December 24, 2009

2L Candy Cane Boots!

I already posted these on FreeStyle but I wuvs them so I'll post them here too!

Candy Cane skates, with animation, from Tea Lane, only 2L. Gotta Love it!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Burnt Orange Xmas Freebies

Burnt Orange has some cute foodie freebies out right now. You can get this platter of cookies and jug of milk free until the end of the year.
The 0L version is unscripted and decorative but if you join the Burnt Orange update group you can get the scripted version for free! The scripted version gives out goodies that are very well made and just plain cute. One of the several items you can get by clicking is this mouth cookie:
Love it! Burnt Orange is HERE.

Callie Cline and Nahms?

Yes, the most fabulous creator in SL has made a mouth goodie! This, my sweetie friends, is good news for all! There is simply no better way to shut up a whining fashionista than to shove a color-change gem encrusted, tiny, adorable stocking into her pouty lips.
Mouth Stocking and Hat: Callie Cline
Hair: Shag (free!)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get Your (Free) Holiday Sweet Tooth On

You can't tp anywhere without stumbling upon some sweet treat or another these days. (It is the holidays. Anything other than utter gluttony would be wrong -- right?) For all you sweet tooth maniacs out there (you know who you are!), I've assembled this mini-roundup showing some of the funner SL foodstuffs I've encountered recently. The best part? These noms won't cost you a cent (I find that free is always tastier, don't you?)

This free gingerbread man snuggle rug from Prim & Pixel Paradise (Advent gift) is both sweet + spicy. Could we girls ask for anything more in a guy? (Fair warning: this dude comes with major milk phobia/sogginess issues).
Eating your candy cane the traditional way is so dullsville. Try this free candy cane shoved up the nose by Stinkeye @ Winterstock instead.
These two free melted bowls o' chocolate are some of the. coolest. housewares around. Melty gooey chocolatey nom-iness. So shiny too.
They come with these free messy chocolate "gloves" -- how fabulous are these? By Izumiya, at the secret Triad Town Chocolate Factory (you can read more about my adventures exploring this fantastic hidden build here).I can never ever resist anything with sprinkles. That includes this free holiday cookie (with munching animation) from one of my favie ani stores, vMotional.
And most grandiose of all, check out this free giant milkshake + cupcake yard by Otaku Designs & Lazy Places (a truly awes Down the Chimney Hunt find).
Giant cherries + milkshakes + cupcakes (with poses)! I just luhs having my own private dessert playground.
If you'd rather not use all 30+ prims, you can rez the cupcakes separately, which are only 1 prim each. (As you can see, I was tres reluctant to let go o' my yummeh cookie, even for this particularly gravity-defying pose).
This free white jumper minidresss I'm wearing from Twisted & Spoiled comes with this lovely candy cane garter belt. So handy for immediately satisfying one's holiday sweet tooth.
And now, a trip to the dentist's! Eh, that'll be after the holidays.

Yummie lip-smackin' kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who can be quite greedy with her holiday treats -- especially those with sprinkles)

Sunday, December 6, 2009


New stuff from the world of Sanu. New lucky cupcakes, hunt, picks prizes!!

You love it!
Head Cakes: Sanu, lucky cupcake prizes (there are crap tons more)
Mouth Bunny w/Blueberry Candy Cane: Sanu, random picks rewards prize giver in store
Earrings: Sanu, new hunt items (1L) lots of other foodie goodness too
Hair: Junwave
Skin: Romi

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Whut? Moar Toast? Heckz Ya!


Quick post about an adorable toast chair, that I fully intend to buy when I get some loot. I paid tier and after that black Friday weekend..forget it I'm po! It's from a store called happy house or **HH** for short. It costs 115L amazing price, considering how cute it is. There's also a burger chair pictured here, for the same price and it's just as cute! There are 3 different types, 2 with smiley faces and 1 plain.

Mmmm snugly, cozy pose. Oh! They come with with a butter block foot stool too!

You can pick them up here

That's it!

Luff n Sticky Stuff,


Monday, November 30, 2009

New Shoes.

Ice cream shoes. So win. Get them at Shoe Fair.
Shoes: NSD
Hair: Lamb
Skin: Atomic
Pose Set: La Petite Morte
Pose Chair: Elisa
Dress: Acid&Mala

Note: The dress, skin, and pose set were past gifts or limited edition items from their respective stores and are, to my knowledge, no longer available.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Toastyville Presents....


Tis a long but worthwhile post, I promise. Oh and the spacing on blogger is being a total &*)% , so please accept my humble apology dear scroll fingers.

I bring wonderful news! Toastyville is having it's first ever bake sale! \O/ There are tons of great items, made by some amazingly talented peeps just waiting for you to come snatch em up. Everything you see on the carts is from 10L and under. There's freebies, live music, MM boards to slap, and a doodoo load of other fun, funky interesting things to see and do. The event started yesterday and runs till Dec. 1st. I'm going to show you some of the wonderful things you can get.
Some are food related some aren't, so I can totally justify this post, PLUS! the boss lady and I both have carts out, SO THERE! <3


Skin: Mango, Mango! - Tropical Punch ~ 10L

Jewelry Set: ((RIPE)) - Litzi Lemon Burst Cypher Set ~ 10L *includes lemon pasties* *lick*


Skin: Mango, Mango! - U.S. ofHEY! ~ 10L

Hat: Sick With Lust - Cotton Candy Popsicle Mini Top Hat ~ 10L

Shirt: Sick With Lust - Let Them Eat Cake Tee ~ 1oL


Skin: Mango, Mango! - mpd ~ 10L



Shirt: Sick With Lust - Kawaii Ice Cream Tee ~ 10L

Skirt: Sick With Lust - Ice Cream With Sprinkles Flare Skirt ~ 10L


Skin: Mango, Mango! - Tropical Punch ~ 10L

Outfit: Sick With Lust - Let Them Eat Cake ~ Top and Skirt sold seperately for 10L each

Hat: Sick With Lust - Cotton Candy Popsicle Mini Top Hat ~ 10L


Skin: Mango, Mango! - Black Cherry ~ 10L

Top: Sick With Lust - Kawaii Food Tank Top ~ 10L


Stuffles created by yours truely, huzzah for shameless self plugging part deux! TazzMania!

From left to right:

MM Board Prize - Cupcake Goddess Skin

Toasty Critter Mitt Set ~ 10L

Unisex Pie Hoody ~ 10L ..............unisex pie? >:p..moving on....

Toasty Critter Stole ~ 10L


Skin: Mango, Mango! Black Cherry ~ 10L

Pose With Prop: A.D.D. Andel! - Cake YumYum Pose ~ 10L

Top: Sick With Lust - Kawaii Food Tank Top ~ 10L

Middle & Right

Skin: Mango, Mango! - Disco Duchess

Top: Sick With Lust - Lot's of Candy Tank Top ~ 10L

Skirt: Sick With Lust - Green Sushi Flare Skirt ~ 10L

Hat: Sick With Lust - Green Apple Popsicle Mini Top Hat ~ 10L

Dolly: Kitty Kupcakes - Huggable, holdable Sweet Pea Doll ~ 10L


Giant Cupcake Carry Out Box, with awesome poses - SMFB ~ 10L

One of the best costumes I've evar seen! It's a cupcake with prim arms..LOLZ. SMFB ~ 1L
Looks amazing when you're dancing! Go Lunna! Grab it here.

And finally, a scene shot of what the bake sale looks like. I really like Toastyville, I blogged it on Sweet Side a while back and am so glad to be a part of it.

Direct Links To Each Cart Here:

Mango, Mango!


A.D.D. Andel!


Sick With Lust - I forgot the link BUT it's right next to TazzMania!, you don't really need all the links because you can walk the whole thing in like 5 min. I'm catering to the lazy xD


Kitty Kupcakes

Ok now, get to toastin kids.

*Special Announcement*
1. I'm totally not being a kiss ass, I'm a very proud loner.
2. I'm extremely proud of Sileny for these skins, they're beautiful.
3. If you don't go and grab them for 10L each.....CHU KWAZY!
4. Ok done.

Luff n Sticky Stuff,


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feeling Gingery

Shirt: MoonShine, What's New group gift
Mouth Man: ~La Petite Morte~, 25L at Winterfest

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Moar Goodiez

Some fun.
Carrot necklace: Cute Bytes, group gift in store
Neko Set: Also from Cute Bytes, lucky chair prize, not food but fun and free :P
Tank Top: Berries Inc., Join THIS GROUP and check notices

Monday, November 16, 2009

Malizz Diva

Some goodies from Malizz and Young Diva!Strawberry Antlers w/Gummy Worms: Malizz Yiyuan Creations, group gift

There are more gifties and a hunt for 1L items at Young Diva too...go have fun!
Candy Filled Necklace of Awesome: Young Diva, lucky board prize
Pencil of Rage: Malizz Yiyuan Creations, group gift

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Burgertime @ the Love Soul FOOD SALE!

The Love Soul 50% off food sale means you can scoop noms + other foodstuffs in the range of $25L-$35L. Which makes us foodies do a jig of glee. And pack face with these juicy yummeh hamburgers. Mmmm.

What was kinda funny about our pigout fest today is all of our not-so-secret double lives as hardcore fashionistas (left to right: Sileny Noel, Holli Thespian, moi, and Margaux DuFaux). Luckily for us, all the tastiest foodstuffs in SL are 100% calorie-free, so we can indulge away + everything still fits! *pumps fist in air + does victory dance*
Here's the lovely Sileny gracefully demonstrating how versatile food can be. See how you can eat a burger (or shake) and wear them as earrings too?

Holli decided to get all dainty while sipping her pink milkshake. Burgertime she was not. *rolls eyes*
Hit the Love Soul food sale before it ends tomorrow on 11/16. There's even a lucky board too with "mystery" Christmas prize (none of us won it, so we can't tell you what it is).

Yummie lip-smackin' kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who can never, ever resist a burger -- especially if it's rare)

Have Your Cake . . . and Stand In It Too!

You know when you're shopping, doing hunts and grabbing $50L sale stuff like a madwoman when you're suddenly overcome by an intense need for cake? Like, now? That was me yesterday. Luckily, I had my rather large strawberry shortcake nom (whole, unsliced) on hand from Kue. It totally hit the spot.
If you haven't yet discovered the magical lucky board wonderland that is the Belle Rose store, go. The place is literally oozing with chances to win. Fair warning: these boards are constantly changing (and the inside area is mostly musical instruments), but the outside has all sorts of stuff, including $10L sushi dishes (which will give you chopsticks when you touch them, with eating animations) plus free beer (to wash it down).
One lucky board was giving away something that I've never seen before: a giant chocolate pose cake. (Btw despite the name, there aren't any poses built in; you just kinda choose the funnest ones you own. Creative freedom, dude. It's liberating).
Here's me + Gavin McGinnis with our friends Dorothy Button (creator for LittleBoxes) and Nikita Weymann (creator for Grimalkin's and Le Chat Gris). It was tres fun times posing atop this oversized ode to chocolate, strawberries + frosting swirls. There's even a candle for your head included (open-flamed, lit). Is this thing great or what?

You also get a separate, large piece of cake (with a handy lifting-to-face animation) to hold + eat. And to top it off, this sassy slice even talks to you in chat! Remember the good old days when food never used to give you 'tude?
In other news, a little birdie told me it was Sileny's birthday last month. We know it's a tad late, but Happy Bday, Ms. Bacon Pizza! Guess what? We had that pink frosting made bacon pizza flavor 'specially for you! Tee. Hee.

Yummie lip-smackin' kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who always wants to have her cake + eat it too)


Giant chocolate pose cake (includes plated cake slice with eating animation + head candle): Belle Rose - lucky board prize - free

Strawberry shortcake mouth treat: Kue - NomNomNomWhiteDayCake! - daily gatcha machine prize (tap the red capsule toy machine for daily gift) -

Monday, November 9, 2009

DemiDemi GoodGood

Some fun stuff from DemiDemi!

The store is crammed full of awesome, reasonably priced merchandise. A lot of it is food related so I am like YAY of course. The lemon set is even an item camp freebie! Most of the food sets are 50L and come with fun options like, for example, spitting seeds with the watermelon set. Seriously, this place is fun times.

The background shows a cat food can with a little cat face that peeks out every once in a while that you can get there for only 10L too! Love it.

The skin is by My UglyDorothy and the hair is by Sixty-Nine. The skirt is from DemiDemi and the tank top and tattoos are from Heartattack and Vine. I need more from Heartattack and awesome.

Epic Treats

Epic has some good stuff for you at their store and at the Fae Faire Home and Garden center. Everything I am about to show you from Epic is either free or 1L so that makes it extra awesome :D

The mouth goodies are in the actual store, sort of scattered about. As you can see, they aren't all food but, hey, a nahm is a nahm is a nahm! They also have plenty of full priced treats which I can hopefully buy and show you another time.

If you head into the Fae Faire Home and Garden members area you can get some more free/1L items from Epic! Trick with these ones is that you have to join the Fae Faire group to be able to purchase them. It's OK though because there is a group joiner right there! This sweet potato pie gives out tiny pies for you to eat when you touch it. I don't think it is actually meant to be a chair but if it is big and food in SL I am likely to try to sit on it anyway :D

There is another pie special for Thanksgiving time, this one a pumpkin. This one is meant for sitting and it also rotates! There is a cute tag on the back which you can see in the photo and it's just adorable.The lovely skin is from BlowPop and is just...yum. I love it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

C&D Goodies

C&D Designs has some gifties out in a hunt right now and some of them are food :D :D The store makes amazing modern meets retro meets fashion furniture, so it only makes sense that the food has the same feel. Like take this adorable drink set, for example. To me it feels both futuristic and 1950s at the same time. Gotta love it!!

There is also a turkey platter out, which made me giggle. I wanted to put the turkey picture alone in the photo with like a big yellow KAPOW type star behind it, as if the turkey were exploding forth into your mouth, but it failed, LOL. So now it's just a floating turkey dinner :D

P.S.- The breakfast dress I am wearing is from Heartattack & Vine who make like really awesome (and fashionable! And affordable! And often times food related!) clothing for men and women. Check them out!

Other Worn:
Hair: Sixty-Nine
Skin: My UglyDorothy

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cookies + Grilled Cheese + Mini-Panda . . . O My!

Hello + a warm gummy bear hug to Sileny for inviting me to blog for all my fellow SL foodies! Doesn't this blog have the best name ever? "Bacon Pizza"? I die!
Looky what I found in the RazzBerry MM board. Who wouldn't want a backpack stuffed with cookies, a lone chocolate-covered strawberry (loose), Hershey's, gummy bears, a fruit candy cane and lollis? In this fashionista's opinion, this thing goes with just about everything. This lip-smacking bundle o' joy is called the "Goodies Backpack" (I just checked + this backpack is still up at least as of today). Love the TV dangling off the end too.

The RazzBerry MM board has been gifting tons o' fun stuffs lately, like this goowy grilled cheese mouth treat. Here I am nibbling on it whilst lounging atop giant milk 'n cookies at the RazzBerry store.
Don't forget to hit the lucky cupcake while you are there too. It's giving away these um, rather large mouth cherries that may remind you of, um . . . something else. LOL.
NOTE: The RazzBerry store just moved again last night so this should be the new sLURL.

For anyone who hasn't hit it yet, the daily gatcha at Kue is way fun. You tap the little red toy capsule machine once every day for a free random daily gift. I adore this giant strawberry milk I got the other day + I couldn't resist parading myself down the runway with it here. It is just that fierce.
Yummie lip-smackin' kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who loves to make her own "goodies backpacks")