Monday, August 31, 2009

Breakfast & Dessert - my two favorite meals

Hello everyone! :D And a big thank you to Sileny for inviting me to contribute to this awesome blog!

I am a collector of sorts. I love hunts, I love freebies, and my favorite ever-growing collection of oversized food! So while collecting the amazing gifts from the Heart & Sole hunt, I discovered ~Sommerfeld Designs~ had a Lucky Chair worth stalking...

Yes! An oversized waffle you can cuddle on! It would be perfect with my pancake sofa, plate of eggs benedict with toast and frying pan with bacon and eggs! XD

The chair was filled with other awesome goodies too (some I won while waiting for my waffle) including a fallen log for two, a hammock for two, a chaise lounge in five colors, a pink chair in the shape of a high heel shoe... and another sweet treat!

I also won this cupcake that seats four! The hunt has ended, but the store has lots of adorable and affordable furniture along with this stalk-worthy chair.

I can't wait to share my next yummy find! Till next time! :D

- Persey

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Now if you haven't been to Mocorin* Now might be the time. Not only is their shop adorable with so many cute little things that remind you why you enjoy being a kids so much but they also have so many freebie set out for curious peeps like me.

First off they got two packs of yummy gum. One with a robot and an other with a cuddly bear head.

Also they have a lucky boards with something too cute to be true. Poison juice with a wait of 10 mins.

Now to go with that juice of yours, the shop is in the addiction hunt, where you search for dirty needles x.x. The hunt starts on Sep.1st but the store already has their gifty out. A totally rockin skull pop.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Griff coming at cha!

Griff here and I'm new to the alsomesauce that is the sweet side! Now lets gets started >:o!

Here you sweet Tip for yea. Go to :::[NEEDFUL THINGS <3 Mainstore]::: NOW!

To get this amazing backpack including all these Yummy yummy things in it.... that my avater is currently drooling over.

Mmmm Strawberry waffler cookie cones *-* mouses included, whether its wanted or not >:D

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Love Soul

More from Love Soul! Just a quick note to show you this highly cute mouth skull lollipop you can win from the chair as a secret prize.
Skin from Cupcakes
Hair from Lollipopz
Hair Bow from =Hoot=

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just a Poser Smitten by Cakes

/Me waves

Hai nohmers, Tazzy's real excited about the stuff she's gonna show you xD

I was totally stoked to hear that there's a hunt strictly for poses going on right now. The Pro Posers Hunt is packed to the brim with amazing prizes, one of them being this AbFab giant cupcake chair! Haha, I've done so many posts about cupcakes, but what can I say?, other than "hook em to my veins". This hunt gift is from KO Poses and boy were they generous, cuz this sugar coated gem is for sale in other flavors for 150L :O There's another pose but I had problems pulling it off the background in my pic, so you'll just have to go pick one up if you want to see it. The link is to the entrance and NOT the hunt vendor....but I'll tell you that it's close by and you're looking for a black and blue hand print.

Mmmmm, cherries........(note the plural) says perv Taz.
I was looking for something on Xstreet, and came across this amazing little cupcake necklace for free! Say wha? It's from the most incredible store called .:: LacieCakes ::. . I immediately went for a visit inworld, and now I'm head over heels in love with this place!!! I bumped into Lacie the owner while there, and not only is she brilliant, she's also just as sweet as her creations.
It's a promo necklace that you can get here.
*Crappy Pic Alert* I want to apologize for the pics, they're not too hot cuz my podling's been on the rampage since Thursday....Momma Bear is beat and Mr. Mojo left her high and dry.
Umm ya sorry bou the boobage...even with my camera restraints turned off, I still couldn't get any closer...SL hates me. :C
Even the box the freebie comes in is so adorable, I just had to show it.
I've seen some Av's donning this very funky, very unique candy necklace. I'm a fan of quirky n cute so I bought one, and to me it's worth every linden. It's scripted to interact with others, or you can click it yourself, and let everyone around you know just how cool and funky you and your candy necklace are...LOL! <3>

"Candy NomNom Necklace" is also available in other colors, aaaaannnd there's a gummi bear one, that I'm so going to get next pay day. Cost is 200L, so worth it!
"Can I get a Squee Squee"? This necklace blows my mind....I'm prolly not going to take it off for a while lol. This is the newest release from my beloved .:: LacieCakes ::. . Cleverly named the "Symphony Necklace & NomNom" Tis a splendid piece n'est pas? It's layered with beads, gems, skulls, musical notes and symbols, the works babies. And the coup de gras, is the separate necklace with a mini gem covered guitar that hangs out of your mouth, excellent cuz you can wear it as a duo or each one separately! Price is a mere 249L.

Oh sweet sweet Symphony mon cheri.
Luff n Sticky Stuff,
P.S. Where did all this french come from?
P.P.S. I just realized that I'm the queen of run on sentences.

Skully Pop

Love Soul has lots of new gifts out and some new prizes in the lucky chair (as well as putting out older secret prizes in a separate chair). I won this super cute mouth Lollipop the other day and had to share it.
Also food related in this post is the hairbow. It's a sweet pea with an adorable happy face that I got as a DSN gift from =Hoot=

Also worn:
Hair: Lollipopz, free
Skin: Cupcakes, free for group members

Friday, August 21, 2009

Macaroon Loon

Greetings of foodie ones, for I am the nutter, the lunatic and the mentalist, the one with all the cats and no bag! I'm Cyclic, and I like to blog stuff. I did some diggin, and found these AWESOME and AMAZING KUE goodies in my inventory. How cool!?!

AAAnyway, onto the awesomeness:

This milky drink was found in the inner depths of my inventory, and it comes from the 10L gacha machine, of which there are two, and another that dishes out a daily freebie!!! HOW COOL!?!?

Then we have the macroons, oh how I love macaroons. The floaty macaroon and the mouth macaroon were both free in the subscribo recently and OH are they so pretty and tasty and OH GOD I WOULD LIKE ONE. The cupcake bag is also from KUE, and I'm assuming that too was a subscribo giftie too. How freakin generous are these guys?!?!?!

There are even dollarbies in the store, a cute little heart shaped strawberry handbag, and other cute bags for 100L, all food related!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Androgynous, phallic rocket ships oh and some fruit too


I've had this post sitting on my desktop for a few weeks now, lol. I've been meaning to do it but "distractions" kept coming up one after another. Now that things are cleared up...I bring you peace, I bring you love! Oh, no wait! What I meant was I bring you fruits, I bring you Popsicles, two great ways to beat the heat before summer comes to a close.

Huzzah! for random treat vendors! I luff dem! The one on the left here is 20L per goodie and it'll get you all of your "good" carbs, some vitamin C and a doodoo load of anti oxidants. Go get your Gacha Gacha's at ++AY.Line++

Mmmmmm androgynous Tazzy. So blissfully confusing, so yummy. Griffy told me about this place called Candy Mountain. I was delighted when I ported over. There's really cute stuff there, an MM and some lucky boards. Best of all, the build is a really cute rocket ship with a bunch of different levels. Oh! I forgot to mention there's a slew of freebies to snatch up as well, one of them is this cute as heck strawberry tee :D It's located with all the other stuff I just mentioned on the bottom level.

These all too cute all too phallic Popsicles and glow stick? are for sale on the top level by the main entrance I believe. You get all those flavors for 20L and I'm pretty sure the glow stick? is color change, but don't quote me on that. Hop on over to Candy Mountain and have a blast...*lol tacky rocket ship joke...sigh*
Luff n Sticky Stuff
*Update* Becca pointed out my booboo..correction...the second store is NOT called mismatch it's called Candy Mountain...sowwy..i left room for human error. XD

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Be Quick!

Just wanted to share two things about Cutie Honey. First make sure you grab the Slice of Summer hunt gift before it is gone. Watermelon YAY!

Second, there is a new game out at Cutie Honey. Isn't exactly food related, but there are mouth thingies involved. Basically you get the butterfly net and basket (both are animated and adorable) for free. You then go around and try to catch the prizes. You can win lots of fun things, like the head worm on me with an adorably animated face, the lady bug leaf, some fairy items, and much more. You can also buy a "full" version for I think 100L where you can catch even more prizes! it's really fun. Sort of like a nature-cutesie-fun 7Seas.

The shirt is a group gift from Slow Kitchen and the rain boots are a group gift from D-Lab!!

The Foods of CSR

I can't let CSR go by without showing you the food options, now can I? And lucky for us there are a few things to be had! First I totally adore the Love Soul prize. The serving tray with the yummy-looking beverage is fun enough, but there are more options such as the matching earrings and necklace. Yay!

Feather has a really lovely and detailed prize this round. Feather is a store that make realistic and delicate foods for all your Lolita tea-party needs. This picnic set is just gorgeous. The blanket and cushions are color change and the picnic box gives out treats. Really just a delight.

And finally we have the Hanauta prize. Readers of this blog are well aware of our major love for Hanauta. These sandwhiches look good enough to eat, I tell you! The blanket is included as well.
Everything I am wearing/holding/using in this post is a CSR prize, excluding the hair (by UncleWeb Studios) and the shape (by Shape It Up!). More information on how to get these prizes can be found HERE.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ye Olde Sammich

Quick post with some cute stuff as follows.
Tazzy found us more ice cream and it's freeeeeee! How appropriate while we still have a few weeks of summer left, yes?
Mmmmm the ever classic ice cream sammich, so ooey gooey, so tasteh. Found this soft serve nahm at Lutricias in a freebie box towards the back of the shop on the right side :). There are a few other goodies in there so check em out!

Heh I'm totally backwards today and posted desert first. A while back I was wandering around, and this amazingly detailed fish n chips stand caught my eye. Ol skool English style fish n chips are unarguably the BEST fish n chips on the planet! What I love about this too, is that it comes in a newsprint cone! Now is that authentic enough or vhat? You can also grab yourself a glass of lemonade to help lessin the artery hardening but maybe raise your blood pressure if the sugar's just right :)

Go and grab your classic, deep fried omega's n patats here.


Luff n Sticky Stuff