Sunday, May 31, 2009

Best. Theme. Ever.

OK. You know this is a food themed blog right? And I assume you know that means Topaz and I REALLY like SL foods. So the new hair fair 2009 theme is just....perfect. I think I almost peed myself a little. Don't know what I'm talking about? Click HERE and find out. Be very happy. I sincerely hope I can get some food themed review copies even though I never ask for them normally, hahaha!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

DooDad do? Or DooDad Don't?

I say DooDad do!! Wanna know why? Because, not only are there amazingly unique and cute items available, there are some DooDads cheapies/dollarbies that simply rock! Check out these sweet hats, each is only 2L. One is a cupcake and the other a yummy ice cream sundae :D.Get these hats and other great cheapies/dollarbies at Doodads

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Friday, May 29, 2009

New Fishies

Get your 7Seas rod attached and head on down to Prettiful for some fishing! The Sugar Rush fishing are has sooo many amazing custom catches already (lemons, PBJ, choco bars, rideable tea cups, and more!) and they recently added even more.

There are mouth chocos and head s'mores for you to wear and gobble up! The silly licorice smiles come in many flavors and you actually use them as blue print pieces to make a licorice jar for your head. Or you can just wear them in your mouth and be happy and cool ^.^

The skin I am wearing, BTW, is a 15 minute item camp at Mix and Match. Yes, that's right, only 15 minutes :O And you see the cute sucker above? Totally free to subscriber members!!

There are several types of lollipop in the gift and there are other amazing gifts as well. The items for sale are also really inexpensive and as soon as I get paid tonight I hope to go over to Mix and Match and buy some stuff! You should too!!!

P.S.- the hair is the most recent gift from Glitter hair, 100L join fee I believe :D

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Quick grab this carrot! It is in the Sanu group notices and will expire in the next day or so. Stay in the group too because Sanu freaking rocks.

Quick and Painful

Sick, so this shall be a quick post.

Outfit including shoes, Deux Petite Dahl MM board. It is not at the main store, it is at the Le Zoo location HERE.

Tank top and panties, 1L each at LVS First Look. Yay for cupcake b00bs!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

So, in case you didn't know, I opened a shape shop with my friend Alexx. We make awesome shapes for real. But since I really can't do anything not food related, I made some dollarbie cupcake sets for you too.

First, cookie love! A cupcake being swarmed by cookies and a cookie love for your mouth too!

Second, Steamcake! A cupcake topped with gears and a gear for your mouth, for all you steampunk cupcake fanatics.

And third, a plain cake hat with matching tiny cupcake earrings.

Visit Shape It Up! and head to the back shelf to buy for 1L each set. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Food Shoes!

( I accidently posted this post on Free Style first lol. The troubles of being part of more than one blog xD Guess it wouldn't have been that big of a deal since there are freebies involved!)

50 Flats has some wonderfully textured citrus flats out for free!!! Can't beat the price and they look great. There are other non-food related freebies as well.

And for 35L a try you can attempt the random item vendor and possibly win these egg shoes! I got them on the first try. Yay! Now to go to IHOP and get eggs and orange juice. Nom nom nom.

Join the Club!

Tiny Avatar Club has tons of really cute and cheap food avs if being a tiny is your thing! I had to buy this cabbage's so cute and a little bit creepy too. The little eyes blink and the leaves are flexi and it's just fabulous. I don't remember the exact price but it wasn't much, under 40L I think.

The burger is also cheap, but you can win it from the lucky chair too! Ever want to be a burger? No? can be one anyway! For free! Yaaay!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Teagan!

Hey hey hey! I want to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Teagan Blackthorne. Teagan is co-owner of Tea Lane and has helped many a broke n00b look cute for quite some time now. She is also a total hair hoar and is in love with bacon and cupcakes. What more could I want in a friend? :D Oh...a friend that makes cupcake hair would be nice, especially if it was really cheap. Oh..too bad I don't have one of tho- OMG. I do now!!Hair: Tea Lane, 2L
Lady GaGa Skin: Tea Lane, MM board prize
Bikini Top: Sassy Kitty, part of the VIP Key hunt prize (which ends today)
Boots: Hammy, (SO CUTE) MM board prize
Shape: Bad Alice, Shape It Up!, 300L

Teagan made this cupcake hair in several colors to celebrate her birthday! And for now all you have to pay to get them is 2 big fat L's!!!!!!!!! :O YAY! Oh and check out the skin I am wearing...another beauty from Tea Lane you can get in the MM board! Squee! Was not hard to get this board filled so make sure you click quick if you want in on it!


The undies I am wearing in the first pic are far from finished, but they are a preview of what I am working on. Wee! Someday soon I will add clothes to the shapes and cucpakes for sale in my store (Grand opening tomorrow!)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Taz's loyalty has paid off


Short post today. LVS & Co is having a sale right now, they've got a whole slew of dollarbies out front :D When I read the note my eyes popped because they mentioned a lucky cupcake and some limited time dollarbie Kawaii cupcake jewelry sets! I clicked my heels three times and was off!

The lucky cupcake gods love Ms. Tazzy ~title ref.~ LOL Because I won one of the 2 exclusive prizes on my first nohm attempt! It's an adorable milkshake necklace! Now I have to stalk the other prize, which is a tiny piece of toast with an egg on it, the yolk is a gold jewel and is so cute!!! *licks frosting off of her fingers, then crosses them*.

I aslo bought ALL of the Kawaii cupcake sets. What I really like about them is that they're made to actually look like "fine" jewelry and not so Lolita or candy like. You can wear them with almost any outfit including that array of ball gowns that I have collecting dust deep in the bowels of my inventory >;P. They're only going to be dollarbies for a limited time, so I suggest you hurry.

A close up of the Lucky Cupcake prizes which you can find here.

The gorgeous dollarbies that I COMMAND you to get NAO.

Direct tp to Lucky Cupcake and just to it's right the vendor board for the cupcake sets HERE

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alice in Food Land

Last night Reasonable Desires released its new Alice in Wonderland themed costumes and I felt like taking some photos of Alice in Food Land!
Alice Dress: Reasonable Desires (totally forgot the price, I'll update later) (worn throughout)
Donuts: Bee Hive, 50L for the set
Shoes: Maitreya, past freebie, no longer available (worn throughout)
Hair: Maitreya, 200L for a three color pack (worn throughout)
Skin: MiaSnow, 500L for the pack
Shape: Shape It Up!, 300L (not released until this weekend)
Pocket Watch Necklace and Mushroom Earrings: DM Designs (forgot the price, update later)
Mouth Donut: Canimal (uuhhh...once again forgot the price. I suck today lol)
Burgers: Bee Hive, 50L for the setPuddings: Bee Hive, 50L for the setTea Cup and Cake: Bee Hive, 50L for the setMouth Mushroom: DM Designs, 1L

Nada To Do With Food

OK, so I was setting up this epic post for you all when SL decided it didn't want me anymore. *sigh* No sculpties would rezz, nothing would attach, it was the suck. I was totally irritated because I haven't been able to post here in a while and when I finally got the chance SL kicked me in the behind. So, I am just going to show you a cool bloody skin I found for only 10L. it has nothing to do with food at all, just something because I really want to do a post and have no pictures for you other than this one.

Skin: Dreaming Alice, 10L
Hair: Maitreya, 200L for a three pack
Outfit: Dreaming Alice, part of a set, 90L

Also check the front of the store for past free gifts. There are two dresses which have been there a long time but are REALLY cute and some adorable furniture sets for free too!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Scream, You Scream...Nohm nohm nohm


Well not super silly but silly enough! I took a break from my cupcake binge to bring something a little cooler and a little creamier. Summer's upon us! So *I*, deemed it appropriate to do a post about ICE CREAM yay!

While stalking the lucky board for the new Romi skin, I noticed something in the corner, it kinda blended into the background and didn't look like anything special. So I zoomed in to see what was up and oh joy of joys! It was an ice cream cooler that dispenses free cones!!! \O/

Here's the dispenser on the same wall as the Romi lucky board in the corner.

It comes with 3 color/flavor change scoops and of course a cute munching animation xD. You can pick it up here.

I enlisted the help of my little brother Griffin for this next post because we were together when I discovered the ice cream and thought it'd be fun to take a silly pic of us munching it. This is where the sillyness comes in.......

At first glance you think, "Hey it's not THAT silly what's up with the warning"? Well if you look a little'll see that we duct taped our mouths shut! O.O So you ask "Hmmm now how on earth are they gonna eat their ice cream with their mouths taped shut"? The answer is you can't..and that's how we wanted it! See? I told ya it was silly!

Ok back to business, these pictures were taken at the cutest little ice cream parlor that I found in the search. The decor is retro and colorful, just how I like my ice cream parlors. However, the best part is, that there's a FREE ice cream dispenser!!!!! It gives you six..yus I said SIX different flavours! /Me ripped that tape off right quick as soon as I saw that...sorry Griffy and sorryier waist and thighs lol.

Le Flavors from left to right: Mint Chip, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry Vanilla, Sprinkles & Rainbow

Those stools you see there are for sale for 75L per. They're just adorable and come with cute sitting animations. And finally there's the outside shot cute huh? So, grab some friends and head on down to The Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor. Pop a quarter in the jubebox, cut a rug and then reward yourselves with a cool n tasty treat.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Xstreet Loves Cupcakes Too! >(o.o)<

Hai! I apologize for not posting lately :/ Now I know I'm a little bit late but I hope everyone had an amazing International Cupcake Day!

I hadn't hit up the Xstreet freebie section in a long time so I thought it'd be a good idea and BOY was I right! Yus! Your true blue cupcake junkie Tazzy found some goodies and of course being the junkie that I am...well I'm sure you've figured it out by now.

Oh Me Oh My Tis More Cupcakes!

Really cute cupcake hoody for freeeeeeeeeee on Xstreet here.

Aaaaand some moar free kyootness in the form of Paw Boots! They leave a little trail of smiley cakes wherever you walk! Get them here.

P.S. Don't mind my wacky nekoness, felt kinda wacky at the time and wanted it to reflect in mah look! I mean isn't that what SL is for?

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Foods of the Day

OK! Some foods I found while trying (and failing) to organize my inv, as well as a fish prize, and a heads up from a new friend!

First off, rhyme time! Waffles are good, waffles are great, I eat waffles off a plate. Ok, there, I'm done :P But anyway. Naeko has this waffles set and it is only 50L! Yay! the one with the heart on it is a sculpted version and it so realistic and awesome. The plain waffles is meant to be used for a base if you wanted to upload your own alpha textures and put them on it! Yaaay! Your face on a waffle? Now a possibility.Waffles: Naeko, 50L
Hair: Ks2cool, free (or 1L)
Skin (worn throughout): Chai, 550L

Next, TekuTeku has a random food vendor machine! The items are super cute and from the always awesome EkoEko. I LOVE the sandwhich especially. The items are not transferable which is not awesome as I bought 7 of them and ended up with only three different prizes -.- But they are cool so it's all good!Foods: TekuTeku, 30L each
Hair: Bishwear, free for one week

Then you can do to Deux Petite Dahl once you are all broke from buying the above items and sink yourself into the lucky cupcake. There are TONS of prizes in it...clothes, skins, etc....but of course I am all about the "booby" prizes, which are these great cuppy cakes. I love the peace sign one especially *hearts!* And thank you Silver for the tip!Cupcakes: Deux Petite Dahl, free cupcake prizes

And finally, go fish at Dilly Dolls to get this insanely detailed strawberry dress! I posted about it on Free Style already so go HERE for more details.Outfit: Dilly Dolls, fishing prize
Hair: Red Queen, group gift
Key: WindMeUp, 400L

Have a great week!!

Does it Do A Body Good? Really?

Haha the title doesn't exactly fit the post in completeness but hey...I had a serious coffee spillage episode this morning and didn't get my daily java dose..*sobs*

I came across this doozie while doing the VIP hunt..and yus! I is a sucka that paid the 200 cuz I'm a skin collector and just HAD to have the skin prizes that are in it. A couple of really sweet girls also doing the hunt decided to play with me so I could take some half decent actions pics for the blog.

Presenting "The Cereal Bowl Hangout"

Stompin that cereal!

This is what happened as soon as I found out that the milk had a secret ingredient in it *Hic*

After getting buzzed from that "secret ingredient" I felt a bit more demonstrative. Taz considers herself a bona fide Dairy Diva!

I forgot to check how many prims this giant bowl o fun is :/ It sells for 250L and can be found here at the Juice Main store. If you're into gigantic nohm hangouts then this one is totally worth it. Packed full with tons of different and umm....interesting poses :3 (itchy bum anyone)? If you're curious..then go check it out and bring some friends.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Three Posts??

Three posts from me today for a total of four posts in one day. Haha! It's been a good day in food land :P I didn't plan on doing a third post, but I checked out my alt and found some goodies. One food, one kitty, one skin, and three hairs you might enjoy!

The donut is in the Pink Fuel group notices. I got it a while back but totally forgot to blog it until today. it should be gone from the group notices in a day or less so hustle!! The hair is the male group gift from Exile but it looks good on ladies too! The skin is a laucky board from PunkSoul that is just too cute!

The next two photos have nothing to so with food, only just freebies I found and enjoyed :P This hair is the female gift from Exile. Love it!!!! The super fat cat (you will totally LOL when you see this in person) is a group gift from *M* and I am in looove with it. I can't have a cat in RL because of hubby's allergies so my kitties now live with my aunt and cousin. They are happy there but I miss them :(

This last hair is a group gift from Red Queen. They make just about my fave hair EVER and usually the group gift is in teal but Ruth made an exception and gave the gift in midnight color. And yes, it is unisexy!

Griffins and More!!!

OK, so Griffin's is spoiling us. Been open like a week and already three freebies! Haha! this one takes the cake though (pun intended :P). A full body cupcake costume! Weeee! Look at the hat! I squeed all over and went tapping MM boards and gathering joy everywhere I went. Resize scripted for easy sizing! Remember, next Friday has been declared cupcake appreciation day... so make sure to get this so we can all wear them together and party!!

Next up, some more cupcake joy from Evie's Closet and Cuppycake! The first mouth cupcake is a freebie from Cuppycake which you can get in world, or you can do like I did and grab it from XStreetSL HERE! Yaaay! Good for choking those who need to be more sweet, I say. The cupcake tee shirt is one of the random lucky cupcake prizes now available at Evie's Closet! I mean yeah, there are gowns in the cupcake too, but who needs gowns when you have cupcakes! Hahaha! The cupcake on a fork that is sticking out of my oh-so-red lips is also from the Evie's cupcake. The pink dress has like nothing to do with food but it was cute and free from Sweeter Than Candy on XStreetSL HERE. The textures are just too good to pass up. And the cupcake necklace I am wearing with it? Also free from Lacie Cakes on XStreetSL HERE. Yay!

New at Hanauta and More

Hanauta is one of the top three best food places in SL, in my humble opinion. Everything is adorable AND affordable. Just look at these toasts you can get from the random bread vendor (20L a pop and transferable!)

Or this french bread from the same machine:

There is even an ice cream treat random vendor (also 20L each) and now...a baked treat machine!!! And only 10L and transferable! YAAAAAY!!! I logged on and realized I only had a whopping 11L to my name so I only got one :P Luckily it was awesome. A pretty pink eclair! I was totally feeling the pink so I matched it with the Dilly Dolls MM board prize (it's actually color change scripted!) and these cute rain boots I got for free on XStreetSL HERE! The hair is a freebie too, I got it from Candy House (a.k.a.-C&H) as a 30 minute item camp. Woot!

OH! And if you join the Hanauta group you can get these pancakes!! A short stack and a tall stack and several varities of plate as well. And copiable! Weee! Pancake party.

There are so many more cool things at Hanauta...including a lucky board and GIANT stack of pancakes with animations...but I will let you go see for yourself ;D

Being Awesomely Saucey To Sugar Mama in Her Toasty Trailer

Why hello there! *Whew* that title was a mouthful no?
The other day I got a notice that Awesome Sauce was a having a mini sale, everything on the back wall of the main floor is half off! I knew that there's tons o cute stuffies there so I ported over. I saw a bunch of items that I liked but this one really caught my pixel eye. It's this kyoot texture/color change cupcake collar and it's half off at 25L O.O
I also grabbed some sweet bangles for 2L! Forgive the pic in this post and for me not showing the bangles I was so tired, my eyes started to cross. But seriously the bangles are cute so take my word for it. ;D
Oh my Gah!!!! More cupcakes? Answer is heckz ya! A while back I managed to obtain this most ossum cupcake swing in the MM from a store called Sugar Mamas Fashion Bakery or SMFB for I was pleased when I decided to visit to see what other nohm treasures I could dig up for blogging. Unfortunately, the cupcake swing is no longer there or for sale, *sad face*, buuut checkie what Tazzy found!!!! For a mere 20L or 10 per you can haz this.........

and this........

Two giant cupcakes! One you kinda skip and dance around, (the anims are amazing) and the other is well kinda obvious :) There's also a Tiny sit cupcake for all you cute edible tinies.

I know I know long post, almost done. If you have time to look around after visiting SMFB to grab those cakes cuz I know you wanna. Please do so, if you like sickeningly sweet cute things that make most normal people cringe then you'll looooooove Toastyville Mobile Home Park

I linked direct to the playground because that's my fave part. Lot's of cute shops to see and even more sugar, butter, batter and color! Go see have fun and bring a toothbrush for after. :P

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