Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get Your (Free) Holiday Sweet Tooth On

You can't tp anywhere without stumbling upon some sweet treat or another these days. (It is the holidays. Anything other than utter gluttony would be wrong -- right?) For all you sweet tooth maniacs out there (you know who you are!), I've assembled this mini-roundup showing some of the funner SL foodstuffs I've encountered recently. The best part? These noms won't cost you a cent (I find that free is always tastier, don't you?)

This free gingerbread man snuggle rug from Prim & Pixel Paradise (Advent gift) is both sweet + spicy. Could we girls ask for anything more in a guy? (Fair warning: this dude comes with major milk phobia/sogginess issues).
Eating your candy cane the traditional way is so dullsville. Try this free candy cane shoved up the nose by Stinkeye @ Winterstock instead.
These two free melted bowls o' chocolate are some of the. coolest. housewares around. Melty gooey chocolatey nom-iness. So shiny too.
They come with these free messy chocolate "gloves" -- how fabulous are these? By Izumiya, at the secret Triad Town Chocolate Factory (you can read more about my adventures exploring this fantastic hidden build here).I can never ever resist anything with sprinkles. That includes this free holiday cookie (with munching animation) from one of my favie ani stores, vMotional.
And most grandiose of all, check out this free giant milkshake + cupcake yard by Otaku Designs & Lazy Places (a truly awes Down the Chimney Hunt find).
Giant cherries + milkshakes + cupcakes (with poses)! I just luhs having my own private dessert playground.
If you'd rather not use all 30+ prims, you can rez the cupcakes separately, which are only 1 prim each. (As you can see, I was tres reluctant to let go o' my yummeh cookie, even for this particularly gravity-defying pose).
This free white jumper minidresss I'm wearing from Twisted & Spoiled comes with this lovely candy cane garter belt. So handy for immediately satisfying one's holiday sweet tooth.
And now, a trip to the dentist's! Eh, that'll be after the holidays.

Yummie lip-smackin' kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who can be quite greedy with her holiday treats -- especially those with sprinkles)

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  1. I so want to go out and grab a sprinkle cookie now. We can splurge on the holidays and worry about hitting the gym for out new years resolution.


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