Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cold Booty

  It's hot outside.  Let's sit on some ice cream sandwiches.  We may get sticky but at least we'll be cool.
  This comes with a bunch of different options for seat styles and tables.  I didn't like the sits in them so I put my own on it.  You might like them though!
  OK, more details below.  Have fun and stay cool!
Ice Cream Sandwich Furniture: Elena87Y, 30L
Cake: Butterfly Lane Creations, 10L
Pancakes: Ispachi, free
Pants: Fission, 200L for the fat pack!
Hair and Glasses: LaNoir Soleil @ One Word
Skin: Imabee, 150L
Shoes for SLink Feet: LVLE
Nose Bleed: .BBB., 10L
House in Background: Oddfish Studio, 10L
Shirt: So Many Styles
Pose: (store closed)

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