Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yeah, I Know...

...I said I wasn't going to be blogging all free stuff, as I already blog freebies HERE. But I found a few things while organizing my inventory that are free and I figured I would put them here just for kicks. The things in my mouth are not free, but are awesome and cheap!Free:
Orange Dress: Tesoromio
Denim Dress: McSkin
Hair: Mikan lucky board (slurl takes you to outlet, but there is an LM giver for main store there)
Skin: Dutch Touch skin hunt!!

Not Free:
Mouth Pastry: Pink Fuel (is texture change!)
Mouth Toast w/Egg: Hanauta (from the random mouth bread machine!)
Hair and Skin: same as above
Green Dress: Likka House new 20 minute item camp prize
Pink Dress: Mayuki Nozaki lucky board

Not Free:
Chocolate Mouth Pastry: Pink Fuel
Mouth Toast w/jelly: Lurvebite
Poses: Striking Poses

Pink Fuel, Lurvebite, and Hanauta are three of my fave SL sweet stores, so you shall be seeing more of them from me!!

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