Friday, April 24, 2009

Yum Yums!

I was informed by the ever awesome Helena Stringer of a newish 60 minute item camp item at A.Y.Y....and it's a mouth yum!!! YAY! This little guy is sour apple and I love him so. His little face is just nom-tastic. While I will not always be posting free items on this blog, I am always happy to do so when I find them!

And speaking of free, the hair I am wearing is free from Mikan. Weeeee! Isn't it so cute? Like a sexy Minnie Mouse! The pretty hoop earrings? Free from Caroline's Jewlery. And the outfit...I love the a gift from Kyla Radikal to the Lucky Chair Stalkers group. She doesn't currently have a shop, or else I would totally link you :P When she does get a shop, I will make sure to inform you!!!!!! OH! And the skin I'm wearing? Super cute right? Well, it is a lucky dance pad prize from My Ugly Dorothy. MUD has fast become one of my fave stores and I will never leave the update group ever and you can't make me X-O

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