Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Famished!

So I hadn't talked to Whisper Despres, owner of Famish, for a while until we were stalking some chairs together the other night. Then she mentioned that she had a store. And then she mentioned the store was entirely foods. I'm like WTF dude you need to tell me these things! LOL! So, of course, I went there and when I saw the great quality and wide variety I ended up spending a good chunk of my hair fair savings, haha. Don't forget to click the following pics for a bigger size...the detail on these foods is great!Pizza, PopTart, and Pear: Famish, 50L each (the pizza is even flexi, haha!)

OH! And you can get this donut for free on the lucky board or in the group notices :DDonut: Famish, free on group notices or lucky board

There are also some unusual foods...and they make you have a really funny face too! I get the giggles everytime I see the meat face.Pickle and Raw Steak: Famish, 50L each to find a way to earn some L's so I can go buy the other ton of foods at Famish! And there are things other than mouth foods too. You can buy fun themed backpacks and accessories as well! Go forth and nom!


  1. i was watching that conversation and my first thought was word for word "wtf, you have to tell sileny these things"


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