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Tazzy's got a pleasantly plump post for you today \o/

So I'm going to start with my fave, which is the stuff I snagged at the annual Koreshan bake sale. Lot's of fantastic designers there offering amazing products exclusive to this event! Which brings us to the goodies there from Lazy Places, one of the best nohm providers on the grid. The stuff I'm posting is 2 of 3 things that are for sale and are going to be available for THIS WEEKEND ONLY :O !
I was smitten when I saw both the demonic head cuppy and the dead toast. As I've mentioned before, I love sickengly cute but I have a darkside too. So..when the two are combined bliss is I.

Now would ya look at that? How yummy are these? Both are interactive with fun text. The demonic cuppy kills me with it's beady little red glowing eyes, cute fangs and a drop of blood coming from it's mouth. And the dead toast...words cannot describe how I feel about this tiny joy of joys...LOL You can can get both of these for 25L per, if you want a demonic cuppy without the blood drop sprinkles you can grab that instead.

Here be the dollarbies that you can grab while at the bakesale.

The one on the upper left corner is from DK and the roller cans are from Tiny Bird! I love this hair!

Grab these and more here.

This purdy lolita dress is from PicoPure and is freeeeeeeee! It's got strawberries on it and looks so innocently yummy!

There's a sale going on at Liquid Candy, my brother Griffy told me about it! He was like "hey, guess what I got for 5L" and I was like "yo! tp mah"! This boy never fails me...look what I got!

Why it's a mouth rocket and a grenade! So violent, so smexy, and a steal for 5L each >:P

You can pick these up at the Liquid Candy million island location.

And finally to wash all these yums down you can get yourself a refreshing bottle of water from Ushu for 1L.

Ok das is it...and thank the powers that be cuz blogger is totally being mean to me today. Enjoy!

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  1. AAahhhh this post is awesome!!

  2. LOL Griffy! I was the one that said yo! Yo...
    You can be whatever you want and I'll still luff you!

    Thanks Sileny! <3

    Blogger hates me D:


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