Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Love

Love Soul never disappoints me when it comes to the foodie goodness. This month they have lots of things in a watermelon theme! The group gift this month is cute tray of watermelon with a hold pose. The group is normally 200L join fee, but I saw some signs that make me think it just might be free to enroll for now!

They also released some adorable watermelon theme prim nails. I bought the pink set with the watermelon ring. It costs 150L and is totally worth it.

If you can't afford 150L you can try your luck at the chair! New prizes have been added, one of them being this yellow watermelon set. Look at the cute little slices!

I took a close-up picture of the chair prize sign since I stood there for hours and couldn't win the other gifts :( But you can see there is an orange Lollipop, a pair of milk cow shoes, a pair of strawberry leggings, a fat pack of shoes (I WANT), and some random secret prizes.

Speaking of secret prizes, I took off my hair and wore the one I won...creeped my friend Teena out so bad I had to take a picture!! ROFL.

And finally, don't forget the random food vendor down the street at the Love Soul restaurant, which I have previously blogged. I got the chicken kabob earrings this time and I was really excited :D

You can find Love Soul HERE for now, though they are changing sims very soon.

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  1. o>O at that candy wrapper hair thingie! that's awesome! /me wants some watermelon nails too XD


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