Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hurry For Food Clothes

I would have blogged the Harajukubox bake sale sooner, but I was dead broke. Then a couple of pals helped me out and I got to get the items my greedy little eyes were set on! The event ends very soon (possibly tonight) so rush if you want some goodness! There are lots of freebies/cheapies, but the items I am going to show you are not free :P Nothing I saw was over 300L there, however, and even the stuff priced closer to that came with TONS of options and bits. Like this cupcake dress, for example.

I am only showing two of the ways to wear it, but WOO there are tons! And yes, the boob and butt sculpted splatty cupcakes are included as well, hehe. They are from Acid and Mala, who just plain rock. The hair is from Dilly Dolls and the skin is a StarLight mod I made.

And for a completely different look, I took the SugarCube fair exclusive shirt and made it into a sort of "Androgynous street urchin child lands in a butterfly field" kind of look. Yay!! The skin is only 1L at Kei :D The hair is a past group gift from Find Ash.

HarajukuBox event area is HERE.


  1. *Licks the tip of her finger, and places it on Sileny's arm*...can you hear that sizzle? Damn! You look hawte in that dress!

  2. All i read at first glance was "licks the tip" and I thought...What kind of blog is this becoming? LOL!


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