Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spoonful of Sugar!

One of the first places I ever blogged was a foodtastic store called ...Spoonful of Sugar. SoS has food related everything, from furniture to accessories to full outfits. Today I will be focusing on the full outfits. I will keep the talking down to a minimum to let you fully absorb the awesomeness on your own.

First we have the sugar donut!
Then the chestnut conker (chocolate shoes are seperate):Blueberry Pancakes:

Roast Turkey Dinner (the head changes expressions!)
Glory of Fudge:
And since this blog can't really be complete without some sort of freebie, I give you the addiction hunt prize...fruit striped lolli!
I hope you go check out ...Spoonful of Sugar and give them lots of your money and love because they just rock and I want them to stay in business :P

Other Stuff:
Skin: TwilyThula, lucky board prize
Floofy Hair: Calico Ingman Creations
Flat shoes in Sileny green: Mom's Basement (super cheap, like 10L or 20L or something)
Short Hair: Ami's Style, free
Orange Juice Box: Mocorin at the Gatcha festival (right across from ...Spoonful of Sugar's store!)

P.S.- Thank you Eden for the juice box and thank you Teena for the donut outfit...I have the best friends ever!!!!!!

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