Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trashtastic Taz feelin the Famish at the Clinic


Lengthy is as lengthy does. Bit of a long post, but I found some wicked good Nohms, that I'm quite pleased to share!

Look at these lolli's! Aren't they so kyoot? I luff them. I have to credit Beanie for showing me the way. She's amazing at finding some of the best Nohms SL has to offer. These tasty treats are from the gacha machine at Itoh Clinic They're 10L a go, and there's a ton of different animals to collect. I got a bear and a kitteh >(O.O)< I've not seen anything like them around yet, and I'm going back for the bunny. The eyes are animated and blink at random, best of all the bows are color change! Wewt! You can wear them with any outfit, *does a happy jig*. They're trans too, so if you get doubles, trade them or give them as a gift..heck I'd love this as a gift from a bud, wouldn't you?

Sileny blogged Whisper Despres's store :::[Famish]::: a little while back, I totally had it on my agenda to drop in and check it out. I finally did, and jumped for joy when I saw that one of her new releases, is this fantastically, abfab, amazing, OLD SKOOL NINTENDO CONTROLLER!!! :O Textured to the tee, it brings me back to the good ol days when I was playing Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 and 3 ,and I'd scream at my brother everytime I died. I'd call him "jinx boy" and send him upstairs until I was done whatever it was I was trying to pass. Thank the video game gods that he thinks it's funny now, cuz the dude is huge! But he's a gentle giant, so better for me. Anyway, if you grew up in the 80's and played nintendo..then I COMMAND you to go pick this up NAO! Price is 50L, a steal for something that warms the nostalgic part of your heart, ya?

Anyone up for a game? Calling all "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" junkies to a battle!

While I was shopping around, a T came up on her lucky board and I won this very clever,....lucky board for your mouth! LAWL. The text on it says "Lucky Person: YOU", "1 minute left to win me over". Classic, I love it. I left the texture blank, so I could show you that all you have to do is drop your picture on the white square and voila! If you don't want to wait around for your letter, you can buy it for 50L. It's also one of her new releases. :)

Question is....just WHO is going to win me over?

Whisper is incredibly talented, and in my humble opinion a texturing genius. Her products are so realistic, :::[Famish]::: is totally on the top of my Nohm places to go on the grid. Nohmstanistas need to go hit up her store to add to your collection, it's a must!

Ok last one, I landed at Trashtastic while doing one of the hunts. Not only did I find the hunt item I was looking for, there's like a ton of others! Aaaand the owner was kind enough to make a list of hints for all of the hunt items at the landing point :D. Generousity is totally a word that I would use to describe, because of all the free/thrifty items that are available for us to reap. There's a slew of freebie items up on the third floor, to the left when you land. A couple of luckys to win and of course all of the hunt items. I bought some stuff that wasn't food related, however, I'll show you some free and non free goodies.

Yummeh, yummeh bacon n egg's belt for 50L.

Rotten banana backpack freee! This thing is ossum, it even has little flies flying around it! Banana bread anyone?
All of these can be found in the freebie section as well. Bamboo stick and purple crayon for your mouth, and two more backpacks. Gotta love the sausage. *Insert dirty joke here*---->_____!

That's it :D I hope you enjoy!

Luff n Sticky Stuff,


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