Sunday, January 17, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Some of us need a li'l more than a cuppa joe + some wimpy toast to get us going in the morning. For those who require a tad more stimulation in the AM, Juice offers the tast-eee flavors of . . . your friends.

but yes. A total of 10 friends can come + chillax with you on this delightfully wacky morning meal. How much actual nom nom-ing actually gets accomplished -- well, that might be another matter.
Some of these utterly bananas poses include the "Spoon Stomp" (our lovely gf Monte Teardrop rockin' that particular pose here, in the center) while animal creator extraordinaire Xiant Hax demonstrates the ewwws "Itchy Bum" pose.

Beware the dreaded soggy avi, which our friend Sileny Noel demonstrates here by doing le faceplant. -- Lemme tellya, the little dude pouring the milk could hardly keep steady, he was so focused on her ummm, semi-submerged parts. *giggles*
Our other buds who graciously donated their yummehs avis as part of our cereal meal included fellow blogger Kamille Kelberry and her friend Luc4s Saenz; Famish foodstuffs creator Whisper Despres; the adorable Marla Button; Ms. Freebie Fashionista herself, Margaux DuFaux; and of course, the too-cool-for-school Gavin McGinnis, showin' his "Coffeegrinder" hipswing at the spoon tip. ('Scuze these blurry images, my computer was freakin' out -- likely from all the cereal madness).

Here's our fellow fashionista Eden Knoller rockin' the "Milk Cart Supermodel." She got milk + she ain't afraid ta use it. Go girlie!

You get your choice of 2 versions of this crazy bowl: a whopping 54 prim version (shown here) + a smaller, 39 prim bowl (that's slightly different), both of which you can snag for free at the Juice lucky toilets.

Cereal bowl: Juice - Cerial Bowl Hangout 54 prim (different 39 prim version also available) - lucky toilet prize - free

Now if you are certain grrrowly man-lion, even some friend-fortified cereal simply won't cut it in the AM. When you need something a bit more substantive, head over to Hanauta for a stack o' these hot buttered pancakes.

For a mere $120L, you get a whole flippin' stack (your choice of a shortstack or a tallstack) that double as chairs, with some supercute poses baked in.

Check out this unequal pancake situation here. Gavin + I started with the same size stack. He ate rather quickly. Moi on the other hand -- see how I'm taking my ladylike time here?
Awwws, only a shortstack left! *sad face* All that melted butter dripping off the sides was tres tasty too.
Unfortunately, the whole syrup situation wasn't so great for the fashionz (my dress was super sticky the rest of the day).
Pancake tall stack chair : Hanauta - Hotcake Tower (10 prims, 10 poses) - $120L
Pancake shortstack chair: Hanauta - Hotcake Chair (1 prims, 2 sits) -

Yummie lip-smackin' kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who has a particular fondness for praline pancakes + is an unabashed syrup snob)

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