Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well If You're Gonna Pay Me In Beans.....

Then they might as well be these!
Tazzy found something tres beau for ye, and it's freeeee! Pic below is of the lucky boards that are part of a new mall opening I believe. I'm not sure how long they'll be there soo..giddyap! Not only are these bouncy beans freakfrackin adorable, they're trans!!! Great giftys let me tell ya. They're made by the talented creator of =109prims=, there are lot's of colors to win as you can see and they're called MaMeTan - then whatever color they
Direct tp to the lucky boards here.
In action! Bouncy bouncy! They'll bounce as you walk, but you might have to turn your AO off.
:O Look at my skirt! Now is that an accurate portrayal of torque or what? LOL..*clown..* really.
There are also a ton of freebies around to check out, I'm blogging the ones that are food related, although I might have missed a few.

This dress is from ***ambrosia***, appropriately called strawberry_patch dress xD. Get it here.

And this set of cutely interesting plant like lollipops. Get these here.

That's it! Good Luck and enjoy!!!

Luff n Sticky Stuff,


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