Saturday, January 2, 2010

-RC- Cluster New Food Releases

-RC- Cluster has a few food related releases for only 25L each! The first is the sexy one of the bunch, Senor Cucumber. He likes to say lots of naughty things to passing ladies.
Then up is Lady Eggplant. Oh Lady Eggplant, you're so witty!
And finally the Cellburger, a burger you can talk into! This is how I have lusty gossiping conversations about what Senor Cucumber and Lady Eggplant do behind closed doors.
-The eggplant and cucumber talk! Well, you can make them talk. You type what you want them to say on channel 7 or 8 and they say it. Very fun.
-The cellburger rings on command and has animated and not animated versions for male and female.
-There are tons more good food finds at -RC- Cluster and everything is very affordable and fun!

Eggplant, Cucumber, and Cellburger: -RC- Cluster, 25L each
Glasses: Duboo, 50L Friday
Sweater: Atomic, one of three group gifts (250L join fee)
Hair: Lamb
Eyes: A.D.D. Andel, free or 1L

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