Monday, January 11, 2010

Kue! Kue Kachoo! This Post is Long Overdue <:D

Haha..Title..*Shakes Head*


Hope everyone had a lovely holiday season. I know Sileny just did a post on Kue!
Buut...that's no reason not to do this post because Kue! has already been mentioned a few times here and rightfully so, their stuff is amazing.
I did a couple of the several cool gatya machines, all the items shown here are some of the prizes you can win and the price for each of these is 10L.
Taz ridin the Paz! Paz Candy Container KUMA Float, great for when you're hanging out or stalking a lucky chair ^^

Amigurumi Neko Whip Nilla BonBon -m- Mmmm the knit texture is unique, cute and fibrous!

Cup Noodle Blue chair, Mmmmm steamy, great for warming your buns on cold day.

Try for these oh so good gatyas and others here.


Luff n Sticky Stuff,


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