Friday, July 3, 2009

I Got Some Stuff For You.

OK. I am having major issues with SL right now. All my pictures are crap. And it's SO SLOW. And I want to blog. And it's the suck. But here are some pics anyway.

Shoes!Shoes: 50 Flats, 35L random item vendor

More Shoes!Shoes: Kue, 100L

And a Hat! With a color change bow :DCinnamon Roll Hat: Kue, 100L I think

And a Parfait!Parfait: Kue, daily random freebie (yes, a free gift everyday! Just for clicking!)

And a Cracker!Razzberry Inc.: 10L

And a Bomb-Pop!Bomb-Pop and Head DooDad Thingers: RazzBerry Inc., free

And an MJ CD For Good Measure!
MJ CD For Mouth: Razzberry Inc., free (also a "Bad: album available)

Hair is a limited time freebie from Calico Ingman.
Skin is from Exodi.

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