Saturday, July 18, 2009

HOC Does Earrings

NOT the same sort of thing as Debbie Does Dallas. Ahem.

House of Curios has released a set of fabulous food inspired earrings. YAY!!! HOC is generally known for their high quality and inexpensive shoes for men and women, as well as their pickle love, but now some earrings have arrived!

The whole set of earrings is only 50L. Yay for great prices!!

There are a whole bunch of different foods and I have not shown them all here. So I guess you'll just have to go grab them and find out :D
Earrings: HOC, 50L for a fat pack
Glasses: HOC, 50L and color change!!
Skin: PixelDolls, 10L
Hair: Schadenfreude, past hunt gift but other colors available!
Sucker: Love Soul, group gift


  1. /me titles this "Blow Job Blog Entry" and wanders off

  2. /me writes the script for "Tenshi does Tokyo"


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