Monday, July 27, 2009


I can give you what you want
I can make your heart beat, short
I can make you ice cream
we could be a sweet team
melting in your vice dreams, sport

I can be the source you crave
I can spell what you can't say
chocolate-flavored love theme
treat that treats you so mean

covering your nights and days
-Ice Cream, New Young Pony Club

I gobbled my Aoharu icecreams at the Drowsy Summer Horror Festival!

No, the aoharu icecreams weren't on sale anyway :(

I spent 400L on the aoharu icecream random vendor :( and I still didn't manage to get the icecream with the 5 scoops! I'm not rich, just unable to resist the attraction of random vendors AND ice cream :( <3

The ice creams are 10L each, super amazingly detailed, just like aoharu shoes, and I got many of the plain-one-scoop ones, without even whipped cream on top.
If you're lucky, you'll get extra-pretty icecreams like the soft-ice-cream-mix-with cherry, or the icecandy!

R-L: Triple-scoop ice cream, Green tea mix soft ice cream with cherry, mango sorbet with cherry and whipped cream, icecandy in pink/blue, Strawberry-cherry soft ice cream mix with cherry, icecandy in red/pink. 10L each, random vendor
Underneath: Scary icecreams from Drowsy Summer Horror Festival, 1L each

For 10L, you get a gorgeous ice cream with licking animation! Everyone I gave the icecreams to loved them :) They are transferable (that's how I comforted myself after the 400L went zzzilch ching).

If you're afraid you'll become poor after going near the Aoharu icecream random vendor, you can get these free scary ice-creams from Drowsy! They are toooooo cute. They have mushrooms and eyes growing out of them, and tongues!

Drowsy summer horror festival: http:/ /
Aoharu ice cream cart: (Follow the pathway, the cart is located just behind the Aoharu hair building!)

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  1. :O

    I better go buy me some ice creams.

    P.S.-this is post number 69 on the blog. Sexy!


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