Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The I Forgot to Put a Title..Title *Slaps Forhead*

Greetings beloved nohmers!

First...I'd like to welcome Silver to The Sweet Side, I loved your first post and I'm looking forward to more great food finds. I tried leaving umpteen comments on your post and on several of Sileny's but blogger keeps eating them D: I made a comment about that most amazing humpable gummibear that I think everyone should have. *Pats Sileny on the back for that one* And let me say girl works that bear like a pro, Sileny you may have to think about getting a second and very lucrative career. *winks*

On to the yums....

I'm pretty sure I've seen it around on some of the blogs, but I thought I'd put it here anyway since it's food related.MMmmm yummy yummy blocky burgey. I scored this from the lucky chair at Intrigue Co. I think it's still there, if not you can buy it for around 50l or so..forgive my inaccuracy today, got a bit of a cold and feelin slightly woozy..lol. Now all I need are some square fries, a rectangle soda, and some more Nyquil and I'm good to go.

Tatty's Garden Delights has an adorable cupcake house for FREE! It's cute as sin and comes with a scripted door, cherry shaped lights and a cupcake fireplace.

So cute so darn cute.

*The Gift Horse* has some pretty cool and funny items for tinies, and also a lucky chair. I managed to catch a wild card and won this oh so cute can of Reddi Wip for tinies. It comes with an animation and a sound. I tried it with my Pink Fuel Panda tiny, sadly it didn't work for me, but maybe it'll work for you.


Here she is in all her chemically goodness..YUM!

About a week or two ago my greedy pixel bum bequeathed this gorgeous candy tattoo from the lucky chair at .::Bad::. Body Art By Dulce. Unfortunately it's not in the chair anymore, but you can buy it for 375L or they have a profile picks reward that may have this tattoo come up at some point.

Makes me wanna lick myself. :-O *kiddin..or am I*?

And finally something healthy! Everyone's heard that one of the best ways to naturally reduce eye puffiness is to slap a couple of fresh cucumber slices on them and relax. I used to work in skincare and I can tell you that it's true. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties in them. I'm more of a dark circle kinda gal and haven't had to deal with too much puffiness..yet, so I never did the cucumber thing, but I know people that swear by it. Finishing this tangent I bring you SL cucumber slices for your eyes, along with kiwi slices and tomatoes! With all these hunts going on, why not take a break and don these for a while? If they don't help with the puffiness, you'll at least get a laugh out of them cuz they're cute n funny.

You can get these from Ziki for 30L.

That's it!

Luff n Sticky Stuff



  1. Um, yeah, I am seriously about to go out and get all of these :O

    /me licks you

  2. dammit sileny beat me to it but totes lickable, for sure! do want!

  3. Two licks is better than one!

  4. Alright! How about a round of licks for all? *Orders a round of licks, and puts it on her tab*


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