Friday, July 10, 2009

Unwanted Mall Hunt!

The Unwanted mall is having a hunt! Cool! And a huge chunk of the items are food related! Cooler! Heehee. There are some stores you may know on the sim, like Tuft or Dreams, and some you may not. But hunts are really about the exploring and fun. In this one you are searching for gummi bears which will give you a prize when clicked. I am having computer issues so wasn't able to get all the prizes photographed, but I did get some!Tube Top, Lollipop, and Soda Pop Choker: Dreams, free in the gummi hunt
Pants: Tuft, 10L

And Tuft is also having a sale BTW, or at least they were when I was there, and all the items at the Unwanted mall location are priced at 5L-10L. YAY!Candy Tank: Tuft, free in the gummi hunt
Shorts: Tuft, 5L

The hunt has some pretty fun non-wearables too, like this humpable gummi bear. See me humping it!!!!!??!?!? WEEEEEEEEE! Come, get your own humping bear.
Humpable Gummi: Tuft, free in the gummi hunt

Unwanted Mall is HERE.

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