Sunday, November 15, 2009

Burgertime @ the Love Soul FOOD SALE!

The Love Soul 50% off food sale means you can scoop noms + other foodstuffs in the range of $25L-$35L. Which makes us foodies do a jig of glee. And pack face with these juicy yummeh hamburgers. Mmmm.

What was kinda funny about our pigout fest today is all of our not-so-secret double lives as hardcore fashionistas (left to right: Sileny Noel, Holli Thespian, moi, and Margaux DuFaux). Luckily for us, all the tastiest foodstuffs in SL are 100% calorie-free, so we can indulge away + everything still fits! *pumps fist in air + does victory dance*
Here's the lovely Sileny gracefully demonstrating how versatile food can be. See how you can eat a burger (or shake) and wear them as earrings too?

Holli decided to get all dainty while sipping her pink milkshake. Burgertime she was not. *rolls eyes*
Hit the Love Soul food sale before it ends tomorrow on 11/16. There's even a lucky board too with "mystery" Christmas prize (none of us won it, so we can't tell you what it is).

Yummie lip-smackin' kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who can never, ever resist a burger -- especially if it's rare)


  1. Aw such a cute post Teshy! Made me laugh through out it..we ARE lil piggies indeed :)

  2. LOL. We gotta find a giant hot dog next!! xoxo

  3. I really did go out and get a burger in rl after this, haha.


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