Sunday, November 15, 2009

Have Your Cake . . . and Stand In It Too!

You know when you're shopping, doing hunts and grabbing $50L sale stuff like a madwoman when you're suddenly overcome by an intense need for cake? Like, now? That was me yesterday. Luckily, I had my rather large strawberry shortcake nom (whole, unsliced) on hand from Kue. It totally hit the spot.
If you haven't yet discovered the magical lucky board wonderland that is the Belle Rose store, go. The place is literally oozing with chances to win. Fair warning: these boards are constantly changing (and the inside area is mostly musical instruments), but the outside has all sorts of stuff, including $10L sushi dishes (which will give you chopsticks when you touch them, with eating animations) plus free beer (to wash it down).
One lucky board was giving away something that I've never seen before: a giant chocolate pose cake. (Btw despite the name, there aren't any poses built in; you just kinda choose the funnest ones you own. Creative freedom, dude. It's liberating).
Here's me + Gavin McGinnis with our friends Dorothy Button (creator for LittleBoxes) and Nikita Weymann (creator for Grimalkin's and Le Chat Gris). It was tres fun times posing atop this oversized ode to chocolate, strawberries + frosting swirls. There's even a candle for your head included (open-flamed, lit). Is this thing great or what?

You also get a separate, large piece of cake (with a handy lifting-to-face animation) to hold + eat. And to top it off, this sassy slice even talks to you in chat! Remember the good old days when food never used to give you 'tude?
In other news, a little birdie told me it was Sileny's birthday last month. We know it's a tad late, but Happy Bday, Ms. Bacon Pizza! Guess what? We had that pink frosting made bacon pizza flavor 'specially for you! Tee. Hee.

Yummie lip-smackin' kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who always wants to have her cake + eat it too)


Giant chocolate pose cake (includes plated cake slice with eating animation + head candle): Belle Rose - lucky board prize - free

Strawberry shortcake mouth treat: Kue - NomNomNomWhiteDayCake! - daily gatcha machine prize (tap the red capsule toy machine for daily gift) -

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