Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cookies + Grilled Cheese + Mini-Panda . . . O My!

Hello + a warm gummy bear hug to Sileny for inviting me to blog for all my fellow SL foodies! Doesn't this blog have the best name ever? "Bacon Pizza"? I die!
Looky what I found in the RazzBerry MM board. Who wouldn't want a backpack stuffed with cookies, a lone chocolate-covered strawberry (loose), Hershey's, gummy bears, a fruit candy cane and lollis? In this fashionista's opinion, this thing goes with just about everything. This lip-smacking bundle o' joy is called the "Goodies Backpack" (I just checked + this backpack is still up at least as of today). Love the TV dangling off the end too.

The RazzBerry MM board has been gifting tons o' fun stuffs lately, like this goowy grilled cheese mouth treat. Here I am nibbling on it whilst lounging atop giant milk 'n cookies at the RazzBerry store.
Don't forget to hit the lucky cupcake while you are there too. It's giving away these um, rather large mouth cherries that may remind you of, um . . . something else. LOL.
NOTE: The RazzBerry store just moved again last night so this should be the new sLURL.

For anyone who hasn't hit it yet, the daily gatcha at Kue is way fun. You tap the little red toy capsule machine once every day for a free random daily gift. I adore this giant strawberry milk I got the other day + I couldn't resist parading myself down the runway with it here. It is just that fierce.
Yummie lip-smackin' kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who loves to make her own "goodies backpacks")


  1. YAY! You make food backpacks looks high fashion, haha! Welcome to the food army! xD

  2. haha ty *blushes* LOL xoxoxo


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