Monday, November 9, 2009

DemiDemi GoodGood

Some fun stuff from DemiDemi!

The store is crammed full of awesome, reasonably priced merchandise. A lot of it is food related so I am like YAY of course. The lemon set is even an item camp freebie! Most of the food sets are 50L and come with fun options like, for example, spitting seeds with the watermelon set. Seriously, this place is fun times.

The background shows a cat food can with a little cat face that peeks out every once in a while that you can get there for only 10L too! Love it.

The skin is by My UglyDorothy and the hair is by Sixty-Nine. The skirt is from DemiDemi and the tank top and tattoos are from Heartattack and Vine. I need more from Heartattack and awesome.

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