Monday, November 9, 2009

Epic Treats

Epic has some good stuff for you at their store and at the Fae Faire Home and Garden center. Everything I am about to show you from Epic is either free or 1L so that makes it extra awesome :D

The mouth goodies are in the actual store, sort of scattered about. As you can see, they aren't all food but, hey, a nahm is a nahm is a nahm! They also have plenty of full priced treats which I can hopefully buy and show you another time.

If you head into the Fae Faire Home and Garden members area you can get some more free/1L items from Epic! Trick with these ones is that you have to join the Fae Faire group to be able to purchase them. It's OK though because there is a group joiner right there! This sweet potato pie gives out tiny pies for you to eat when you touch it. I don't think it is actually meant to be a chair but if it is big and food in SL I am likely to try to sit on it anyway :D

There is another pie special for Thanksgiving time, this one a pumpkin. This one is meant for sitting and it also rotates! There is a cute tag on the back which you can see in the photo and it's just adorable.The lovely skin is from BlowPop and is just...yum. I love it.

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