Monday, October 19, 2009


I have had this post about Malizz Yiyuan in the works for a while now but could not for the life of me get the MM board locked for the Halloween candy dress. Well folks, I finally got it! VICTORY!!

The dress is really cute, with a sculpted hood and skirt and options to have pockets filled with candy or no candy. I, of course, am wearing the candy option. YAY! Thanks to all my friends and group members who got sick enough of my whining to come help me lock it, hehe.

If you don't have the patience to try and lock an MM board for four days in a row *groans* how about waiting for 50 minutes for some cute outfits? There are three item camps, two of which have foodie outfits. The "Breakfast" outfit is just super silly and fun.

It comes with this yummy mouth breakfast too, so don't worry about starving if looking at the shirt makes you hungry. :D
The second item camp outfit is the "Yum" set. Cupcakes, candy, can't go wrong.
I really like the melty ice cream on the mouth spoon with the Yum set and the face it makes you do. Heehee! If you have absolutely no patience and want some goodies RIGHT NOW and can't wait 50 minutes there are sooo many fun things to buy in the store with food themes. You can also get some group gifts in store as well, like this treat basket for your mouth filled with Halloween goodies galore. It also plays some super spooky music that can be turned on and off by touch.
Not Edible:
Skin: My UglyDorothy
Hair: Vanity Hair
(In MM board picture outfit is by Cupcakes and hair is by Lamb...both edible sounding but not)

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