Friday, October 23, 2009


It's been so, so long! School's started and I semi-left SL, but I missed Sweet Side very much. I'm thankful for Sileny not once pestering or mentioning to me that I did not post, and I welcome all the wonderful new bloggers of Sweet Side! Ahh sorry if I miss anyone out, but WHOOO for Griffin and Persey and Cyclic and HI to Holli(Cos I haven't been introduced to her but I know the others!!) Yay for Tazzy and Sileny of course <3

I took half of these awhile back, but didn't have time to photoshop them. Sileny already made a post about the Cotton Candy and Mouth Lollies at With Sugar On Top, so I'm just.. refreshing your tastebuds! The gorgeous Gacha Gacha cake hats with cherries and whipped cream that everyone has, too.

Something new and so beautiful - Modd.G's Geeky mouth Nahms, available in a vending machine for 20L per try. I spent like 200L to get all of these. My favorite is the mixtape... no wait, I can't choose a favorite! Uhm, they're supposed to be edible (They're called NAHMS!) So I hope they qualify for Sweet Side!

Next, OMG do you know that these are the DP YumYum HAIR DEMOS?!?!!! Aren't they adorable? I feel bad for taking photos of demos, but I am going to buy at least one of the hairs. But I like wearing the demos a lot more! I love that paintbrush sticking out of my nose and the pencils sticking out of my head/ears.

The background is the Itutu garden store, lots of beautiful grass, the clothes line with real bubbles and a wash-tub for 100L.

I er, ran out of money, so the last is a lonely picture of some fruit yums and fruit bracelet that you can get at the Ay Line vending machine for 20L! It's actually a hair store, a fatpack of free hair(Beanie Canning posted about it!) there, too.

DO NOT EAT even if they look like candy:
NUUNA'S skins, store located at Vanity Hair. I bought a few packs of her skins. I think all the ones in the photo are not free except for the feather one (Pack of free skins!)
First two hairs are Vanity Hair dollarbies.
Others are DP YumYum demos. Amazing. I love the hairs!
I am wearing a toast necklace from Doux Petit Dahl in one of the photos. Picks prize!
Lollipop guild necklace by Violet Voltaire

byebye! I love you BaconPizza!

love, silver


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! SO glad to have you back :D I love your posts so much, your pictures are always so colorful and great. And I think DPD is going to have to go into my!

  2. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! Welcome back gorgeous! It just don't get any hotter than this. <3 Great finds!!


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