Saturday, October 3, 2009

With Donuts on Top of Apples and Cherries

Got some goods for you today! I am really sleepy and disorganized so this will have few words. Forgive me, I have a toddler and it was my mom's birthday today, haha.

Sooooo good!I will never, ever, ever write a song about sib...sileny.
The system is down!
They call him the Sneak! Burninating the peasants!Credits:
Apple Skin: Mother Goose
Hair: Lamb
Kitty Donut: Twilight Paw
Suckers, Cotton Candy, Pink Bracelet, and Cherry Tank Top: With Sugar on Top
Jeans: Girl's Style
Eyes: Curio
Shoes: Deviance

P.S.- In case you were wondering about the odd quotes, it would be my having a flashback of Homestar Runner. :P


  1. I should also mention that the With Sugar on Top treats are only 1L each, plus there are more! And the Twilight Paw donut is a lucky board prize :D

  2. OH! And the jeans are a freebie and the skin is only 1L, lol!


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