Thursday, October 8, 2009

To Boof Or Not To Boof?

To Boof, of course! You can find many mouth goodies and whatnot at Boof that will have you giggling all over the place. While not exactly food, this paint can (which comes in several colors) is just too scrumptious not to mention. And hey, that could be a can of food coloring, who knows? You can buy it real cheap or win it on the MM board.

While at Boof make sure to grab your free pumpkin thrower! It puts you into mouselook and lets you shoot your unsuspecting and totally innocent friends with the big, round, orange thingies. Your friends will really like it when they are trying to get you to tell them if their outfit looks cute or not and you keep shooting them with pumpkins and giggling. Yep. Love it.

I was also blessed with the most adorable kawaii face candy bucket from the fabulous Boof mastermind. These are an exceptional deal. They are only 50L each and when clicked they give out a large variety of animated candy pieces. TOTALLY worth every last Linden penny. GO NOW.

Here are the other personalities available on the pumpkins (the puking one makes me lawl):
Boof is HERE!

OK, go, have fun, do good, eat some stuff, then have some more fun, take a shower, brush your teeth, do it with the spouse, read a book, then go to sleep, wake up, and come back for more fun!

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