Monday, October 12, 2009


We have said a lot about Sanu here due to their extreme amount of food awesome. Recently they added some fun foodie goods in a hunt!
In the hunt you look for little pieces of candy. There are 30 pieces and 18 of them are "tricks" and 12 are "treats." Each treat is 1L and most of them appear to be food goods. I only found a few before I had to go but I think you should be able to tell how awesome the prizes are from the ones shown here.
While you are there remember to equip your 7Seas fishing rod to catch food goods, put the store in your pics to get random gifts, join the group for foodie presents, and dip into the lucky cupcake! One of the many things you can get from the cupcake is this pair of cute black cupcake flats! The cupcake detail is really subtle, just monotone and adorable right in the middle of the bow!Worn:
Wings and Candy Corn in Mouth: Sanu, hunt prize 1L each
Candy Corn Hair Bow: Sanu, group gift
Shoes: Sanu, lucky cupcake prize
Witch Cuddle Bunny: Sanu, lucky chair prize
Hair: Diversity hair
Skin: MJ+Dada, hunt prize three for Halloween
Shirt: Sweeter Than Candy, past gift (no longer available to my knowledge)
Skirt: Vitamin Girl, lucky board prize

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