Friday, October 23, 2009

You Want Dark? I'll Show You Dark >:D

It's been a while :)

This post is a response to something Sileny mentioned a few posts back. She said that this blog mostly covered the sugar coated and frufru aspects of SL nohms. Which is totally understandable. I'm a huge fan of sugar coated. There's an umpteen amount of cavities, and a very rich and happy dentist to vouch for me! I loooove me some Sanrio >(O.o)< I'm also a huge fan of "dark", you'll see some examples of that in a sec. I was debating for a while on doing this post because I was hesitant to "shamelessly self plug"...sort of lol. But after talking to the boss lady, she gave the go ahead so here it is.

May I present you the nohms from my shop TazzMania. These and a few others are free for the month of October, then they'll go back to their regular price of 2-15L O.O

Sugar and Slice Cookie Set, you get two cookies, a sugary one and a slicey one.

Mmmmm you know you wanna lick this skull. There are two in this set one with blood stains and one without.
Hurray for lollipops with razors in them! Five flavors in this set, aaaand there's an optional blood drip animation.

Pic is small, sowwy. These are the "Ouchie Gummies". A bloody, dirty safety pin, with a gummy bear impaled on it. Poor lil buggers. Five flavors in this set too.
There's quite a few food themed garments in my shop as well.
Now go and reap the limited time freebies! Tis the season! Eco friendly hearse is here.
Luff n Sticky Stuff,

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  1. Ack I love your pics! Bring on the dark!!! :D


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