Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Be Quick!

Just wanted to share two things about Cutie Honey. First make sure you grab the Slice of Summer hunt gift before it is gone. Watermelon YAY!

Second, there is a new game out at Cutie Honey. Isn't exactly food related, but there are mouth thingies involved. Basically you get the butterfly net and basket (both are animated and adorable) for free. You then go around and try to catch the prizes. You can win lots of fun things, like the head worm on me with an adorably animated face, the lady bug leaf, some fairy items, and much more. You can also buy a "full" version for I think 100L where you can catch even more prizes! it's really fun. Sort of like a nature-cutesie-fun 7Seas.

The shirt is a group gift from Slow Kitchen and the rain boots are a group gift from D-Lab!!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. i deleted the first comment cuz it wasn't clever enough lol

    omg i love those melons!!! oh and the ear melons are cute too. XD

  3. You dork. ROFL.

    You want my tasty melons.

  4. /me agrees that they're very tasty, but wants to know..."with or without seeds"?

  5. Um. That's just weird. You creep. ROFL.

  6. i keep seeing your posts in this hair, where is it from i neeeeed it lol

  7. Hi Sydd! It is from Old Gravy on the Retrology sim :D


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