Friday, August 21, 2009

Macaroon Loon

Greetings of foodie ones, for I am the nutter, the lunatic and the mentalist, the one with all the cats and no bag! I'm Cyclic, and I like to blog stuff. I did some diggin, and found these AWESOME and AMAZING KUE goodies in my inventory. How cool!?!

AAAnyway, onto the awesomeness:

This milky drink was found in the inner depths of my inventory, and it comes from the 10L gacha machine, of which there are two, and another that dishes out a daily freebie!!! HOW COOL!?!?

Then we have the macroons, oh how I love macaroons. The floaty macaroon and the mouth macaroon were both free in the subscribo recently and OH are they so pretty and tasty and OH GOD I WOULD LIKE ONE. The cupcake bag is also from KUE, and I'm assuming that too was a subscribo giftie too. How freakin generous are these guys?!?!?!

There are even dollarbies in the store, a cute little heart shaped strawberry handbag, and other cute bags for 100L, all food related!



  1. WOO! Welcome to the fold! Mwa ha ha...we have recruited another.

  2. O.O What a lovely surprise! Welcome Cylic! Awesome post, I look forward to moar diggin xD

  3. Umm ya I just realized I can't spell..forgive me Cyclic, again welcome to the fam xD


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