Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Foods of CSR

I can't let CSR go by without showing you the food options, now can I? And lucky for us there are a few things to be had! First I totally adore the Love Soul prize. The serving tray with the yummy-looking beverage is fun enough, but there are more options such as the matching earrings and necklace. Yay!

Feather has a really lovely and detailed prize this round. Feather is a store that make realistic and delicate foods for all your Lolita tea-party needs. This picnic set is just gorgeous. The blanket and cushions are color change and the picnic box gives out treats. Really just a delight.

And finally we have the Hanauta prize. Readers of this blog are well aware of our major love for Hanauta. These sandwhiches look good enough to eat, I tell you! The blanket is included as well.
Everything I am wearing/holding/using in this post is a CSR prize, excluding the hair (by UncleWeb Studios) and the shape (by Shape It Up!). More information on how to get these prizes can be found HERE.

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