Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just a Poser Smitten by Cakes

/Me waves

Hai nohmers, Tazzy's real excited about the stuff she's gonna show you xD

I was totally stoked to hear that there's a hunt strictly for poses going on right now. The Pro Posers Hunt is packed to the brim with amazing prizes, one of them being this AbFab giant cupcake chair! Haha, I've done so many posts about cupcakes, but what can I say?, other than "hook em to my veins". This hunt gift is from KO Poses and boy were they generous, cuz this sugar coated gem is for sale in other flavors for 150L :O There's another pose but I had problems pulling it off the background in my pic, so you'll just have to go pick one up if you want to see it. The link is to the entrance and NOT the hunt vendor....but I'll tell you that it's close by and you're looking for a black and blue hand print.

Mmmmm, cherries........(note the plural) says perv Taz.
I was looking for something on Xstreet, and came across this amazing little cupcake necklace for free! Say wha? It's from the most incredible store called .:: LacieCakes ::. . I immediately went for a visit inworld, and now I'm head over heels in love with this place!!! I bumped into Lacie the owner while there, and not only is she brilliant, she's also just as sweet as her creations.
It's a promo necklace that you can get here.
*Crappy Pic Alert* I want to apologize for the pics, they're not too hot cuz my podling's been on the rampage since Thursday....Momma Bear is beat and Mr. Mojo left her high and dry.
Umm ya sorry bou the boobage...even with my camera restraints turned off, I still couldn't get any closer...SL hates me. :C
Even the box the freebie comes in is so adorable, I just had to show it.
I've seen some Av's donning this very funky, very unique candy necklace. I'm a fan of quirky n cute so I bought one, and to me it's worth every linden. It's scripted to interact with others, or you can click it yourself, and let everyone around you know just how cool and funky you and your candy necklace are...LOL! <3>

"Candy NomNom Necklace" is also available in other colors, aaaaannnd there's a gummi bear one, that I'm so going to get next pay day. Cost is 200L, so worth it!
"Can I get a Squee Squee"? This necklace blows my mind....I'm prolly not going to take it off for a while lol. This is the newest release from my beloved .:: LacieCakes ::. . Cleverly named the "Symphony Necklace & NomNom" Tis a splendid piece n'est pas? It's layered with beads, gems, skulls, musical notes and symbols, the works babies. And the coup de gras, is the separate necklace with a mini gem covered guitar that hangs out of your mouth, excellent cuz you can wear it as a duo or each one separately! Price is a mere 249L.

Oh sweet sweet Symphony mon cheri.
Luff n Sticky Stuff,
P.S. Where did all this french come from?
P.P.S. I just realized that I'm the queen of run on sentences.


  1. OH and that skin in the last pic is 100% sex.

  2. LOL @ Squee! Squee! Tanx luv, it's the new one from Free Speerit! Go grab it from the UVogue fair before Wednesday if you can, it's on discount!!


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