Sunday, August 30, 2009


Now if you haven't been to Mocorin* Now might be the time. Not only is their shop adorable with so many cute little things that remind you why you enjoy being a kids so much but they also have so many freebie set out for curious peeps like me.

First off they got two packs of yummy gum. One with a robot and an other with a cuddly bear head.

Also they have a lucky boards with something too cute to be true. Poison juice with a wait of 10 mins.

Now to go with that juice of yours, the shop is in the addiction hunt, where you search for dirty needles x.x. The hunt starts on Sep.1st but the store already has their gifty out. A totally rockin skull pop.


  1. O.O niiiice! me wanty skully lolli, can't have too many of those! <3


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