Monday, August 17, 2009

Androgynous, phallic rocket ships oh and some fruit too


I've had this post sitting on my desktop for a few weeks now, lol. I've been meaning to do it but "distractions" kept coming up one after another. Now that things are cleared up...I bring you peace, I bring you love! Oh, no wait! What I meant was I bring you fruits, I bring you Popsicles, two great ways to beat the heat before summer comes to a close.

Huzzah! for random treat vendors! I luff dem! The one on the left here is 20L per goodie and it'll get you all of your "good" carbs, some vitamin C and a doodoo load of anti oxidants. Go get your Gacha Gacha's at ++AY.Line++

Mmmmmm androgynous Tazzy. So blissfully confusing, so yummy. Griffy told me about this place called Candy Mountain. I was delighted when I ported over. There's really cute stuff there, an MM and some lucky boards. Best of all, the build is a really cute rocket ship with a bunch of different levels. Oh! I forgot to mention there's a slew of freebies to snatch up as well, one of them is this cute as heck strawberry tee :D It's located with all the other stuff I just mentioned on the bottom level.

These all too cute all too phallic Popsicles and glow stick? are for sale on the top level by the main entrance I believe. You get all those flavors for 20L and I'm pretty sure the glow stick? is color change, but don't quote me on that. Hop on over to Candy Mountain and have a blast...*lol tacky rocket ship joke...sigh*
Luff n Sticky Stuff
*Update* Becca pointed out my booboo..correction...the second store is NOT called mismatch it's called Candy Mountain...sowwy..i left room for human error. XD


  1. ooh the ay line ones are so cute!

    And rofl@ the pink popsicle. so dirty.

  2. i think the store is called candy mountain....and they have awesome skins and accessories and clothes in the lucky chair as well! all the way downstairs through like four levels of holes. :O i said holes....

  3. *Slaps forehead* DOH!'re right D: it is Candy Mountain. this supposed to be a family friendly blog, or did we just open a naughty..pandoras box?

  4. this is a family friendly blog! :D you guys are all like family friends! POPSICLES FOR EVERYONE%^&%

  5. LMAO! Yay for sexual inuendos! I should tell my stepdad to join in on the fun, he's family AND he's the king of sexual inuendos...*laughs and shudders at the same time*


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