Monday, August 31, 2009

Breakfast & Dessert - my two favorite meals

Hello everyone! :D And a big thank you to Sileny for inviting me to contribute to this awesome blog!

I am a collector of sorts. I love hunts, I love freebies, and my favorite ever-growing collection of oversized food! So while collecting the amazing gifts from the Heart & Sole hunt, I discovered ~Sommerfeld Designs~ had a Lucky Chair worth stalking...

Yes! An oversized waffle you can cuddle on! It would be perfect with my pancake sofa, plate of eggs benedict with toast and frying pan with bacon and eggs! XD

The chair was filled with other awesome goodies too (some I won while waiting for my waffle) including a fallen log for two, a hammock for two, a chaise lounge in five colors, a pink chair in the shape of a high heel shoe... and another sweet treat!

I also won this cupcake that seats four! The hunt has ended, but the store has lots of adorable and affordable furniture along with this stalk-worthy chair.

I can't wait to share my next yummy find! Till next time! :D

- Persey


  1. Essential additions to any nohmers homestead! Welcome Persey!


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