Friday, May 8, 2009

Being Awesomely Saucey To Sugar Mama in Her Toasty Trailer

Why hello there! *Whew* that title was a mouthful no?
The other day I got a notice that Awesome Sauce was a having a mini sale, everything on the back wall of the main floor is half off! I knew that there's tons o cute stuffies there so I ported over. I saw a bunch of items that I liked but this one really caught my pixel eye. It's this kyoot texture/color change cupcake collar and it's half off at 25L O.O
I also grabbed some sweet bangles for 2L! Forgive the pic in this post and for me not showing the bangles I was so tired, my eyes started to cross. But seriously the bangles are cute so take my word for it. ;D
Oh my Gah!!!! More cupcakes? Answer is heckz ya! A while back I managed to obtain this most ossum cupcake swing in the MM from a store called Sugar Mamas Fashion Bakery or SMFB for I was pleased when I decided to visit to see what other nohm treasures I could dig up for blogging. Unfortunately, the cupcake swing is no longer there or for sale, *sad face*, buuut checkie what Tazzy found!!!! For a mere 20L or 10 per you can haz this.........

and this........

Two giant cupcakes! One you kinda skip and dance around, (the anims are amazing) and the other is well kinda obvious :) There's also a Tiny sit cupcake for all you cute edible tinies.

I know I know long post, almost done. If you have time to look around after visiting SMFB to grab those cakes cuz I know you wanna. Please do so, if you like sickeningly sweet cute things that make most normal people cringe then you'll looooooove Toastyville Mobile Home Park

I linked direct to the playground because that's my fave part. Lot's of cute shops to see and even more sugar, butter, batter and color! Go see have fun and bring a toothbrush for after. :P

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