Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last 69

This morning I was pleased to read the 69 blog and discover that all 12 of their most recent releases have a rainbow pack on sale for only 1L. i was like this : :O :O :O ZOMG! Even though I was at my mom's I went onto SL and got them. I was leaving right as the news broke and the rush glad i got outta there and didn't crash my mom's computer, teehee. But then to make my day even better, I discovered that Last Ride has these adorable "macaroon" necklaces in their lucky board!!! You get both "flavors" and they are just too cute. I love this store. I actually paid 250L for a purse. I never buy purses in SL; they seem usless. Their's are just too adorable to pass up!
So go to 69 and grab some hair (go upstairs, then downstairs again, all the hairs on the center island have the 1L packs) then go stalk the Last Ride board while you adjust the fit!

Hair: 1L for the next three days at 69
Necklaces: Last Ride lucky board prize

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