Friday, May 8, 2009

Griffins and More!!!

OK, so Griffin's is spoiling us. Been open like a week and already three freebies! Haha! this one takes the cake though (pun intended :P). A full body cupcake costume! Weeee! Look at the hat! I squeed all over and went tapping MM boards and gathering joy everywhere I went. Resize scripted for easy sizing! Remember, next Friday has been declared cupcake appreciation day... so make sure to get this so we can all wear them together and party!!

Next up, some more cupcake joy from Evie's Closet and Cuppycake! The first mouth cupcake is a freebie from Cuppycake which you can get in world, or you can do like I did and grab it from XStreetSL HERE! Yaaay! Good for choking those who need to be more sweet, I say. The cupcake tee shirt is one of the random lucky cupcake prizes now available at Evie's Closet! I mean yeah, there are gowns in the cupcake too, but who needs gowns when you have cupcakes! Hahaha! The cupcake on a fork that is sticking out of my oh-so-red lips is also from the Evie's cupcake. The pink dress has like nothing to do with food but it was cute and free from Sweeter Than Candy on XStreetSL HERE. The textures are just too good to pass up. And the cupcake necklace I am wearing with it? Also free from Lacie Cakes on XStreetSL HERE. Yay!

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  1. You are soooooo awesome!!! As awesome as awesome can get!


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