Monday, May 11, 2009

Does it Do A Body Good? Really?

Haha the title doesn't exactly fit the post in completeness but hey...I had a serious coffee spillage episode this morning and didn't get my daily java dose..*sobs*

I came across this doozie while doing the VIP hunt..and yus! I is a sucka that paid the 200 cuz I'm a skin collector and just HAD to have the skin prizes that are in it. A couple of really sweet girls also doing the hunt decided to play with me so I could take some half decent actions pics for the blog.

Presenting "The Cereal Bowl Hangout"

Stompin that cereal!

This is what happened as soon as I found out that the milk had a secret ingredient in it *Hic*

After getting buzzed from that "secret ingredient" I felt a bit more demonstrative. Taz considers herself a bona fide Dairy Diva!

I forgot to check how many prims this giant bowl o fun is :/ It sells for 250L and can be found here at the Juice Main store. If you're into gigantic nohm hangouts then this one is totally worth it. Packed full with tons of different and umm....interesting poses :3 (itchy bum anyone)? If you're curious..then go check it out and bring some friends.

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  1. /me pushes you in the milk and runs away giggling

  2. LOL! /me surfaces sputtering milk everywhere. Then looks around for Sileny pointing and yelling "I'll get you my pretty"!


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