Friday, May 8, 2009

New at Hanauta and More

Hanauta is one of the top three best food places in SL, in my humble opinion. Everything is adorable AND affordable. Just look at these toasts you can get from the random bread vendor (20L a pop and transferable!)

Or this french bread from the same machine:

There is even an ice cream treat random vendor (also 20L each) and now...a baked treat machine!!! And only 10L and transferable! YAAAAAY!!! I logged on and realized I only had a whopping 11L to my name so I only got one :P Luckily it was awesome. A pretty pink eclair! I was totally feeling the pink so I matched it with the Dilly Dolls MM board prize (it's actually color change scripted!) and these cute rain boots I got for free on XStreetSL HERE! The hair is a freebie too, I got it from Candy House (a.k.a.-C&H) as a 30 minute item camp. Woot!

OH! And if you join the Hanauta group you can get these pancakes!! A short stack and a tall stack and several varities of plate as well. And copiable! Weee! Pancake party.

There are so many more cool things at Hanauta...including a lucky board and GIANT stack of pancakes with animations...but I will let you go see for yourself ;D

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